bountiful baskets

For those of you who know, Bountiful Baskets is an organization that buys produce in bulk and distributes to it’s members for a small fee.  I’ve tried it a couple times over the years and always ended up straying.  But the price is right and the produce is usually local and seasonal, so I thought I’d give it another go.  I went and got a basket with my friend Amy yesterday:

bountiful baskets bounty

bountiful baskets bounty

While I realize that it’s the middle of winter and the produce growing right now isn’t my favorite, I’m a little … disappointed? nervous? surprised? … by what we got.  Carrots are easy enough, and we got some mini peppers that will be fun, along with some potatoes, strawberries and cantaloupe.  What I’m not too excited about are the 3 bags of parsnips (make that 5, since Amy didn’t even want to attempt to use all 3 of hers) and the 20 or so lemons we also got.  Really? I mean, I’m all for trying new things, but I’ll be trying parsnips for weeks! And the lemons, well… it’s just not the same to make lemonade in January as it is in the dead of summer.  So I did some digging on the internet, and found the following recipes for the parsnips at least:

oven roasted parsnips (recipe @ )

honey glazed carrots & parsnips (recipe @ )

mashed parsnips and potatoes (recipe @ )

Now that I know what to do with them, I must admit that I’m excited to try the recipes 🙂 I’ll be making the oven roasted parsnips tonight  so I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out!

Anyone have any yummy, non-lemonade ideas for the lemons? Please share!


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8 Responses to bountiful baskets

  1. Erica welch says:

    Thought I would tell you how I make my hummus!
    Garlic hummus
    1 can of garbanzo beans ( I get mine from trader joes)
    Juice of 1 LEMON
    2 cloves of garlic
    1 teaspoon of cumin, I have also used 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder
    Sea Salt/pepper

    Mix it all up in food processor and garnish with paprika and parsley!
    I can’t stop eating it!

  2. Holly says:

    You could make Limoncello unless you have something against vodka :). You could also juice all those yellow babies put into ice cube trays and when frozen put in a baggie for when a recipe calls for lemon juice. Lemon Pound cake, salad dressing, hair rinse after shampooing, lemon bars, use them to clean with you can also dehydrate lemon slices and use them in tea. If these didn’t satisfy your lemon issue let me know I have more. My kids like ocean water (like at Sonic) we use lemon, lime, and coconut flavoring and some sugar yum yum. I have been without my Bountiful Basket for almost a month and I can’t wait till this weekend so I can have my fix.

    • amymarie80 says:

      Me? Something against vodka? Hahahaha 😀 can’t wait to try this, thank you! Thanks for all the great ideas!! In the meantime, I’ve been putting lemon in my water and I’m going to try to make ginger, lemon and honey tea tonight 🙂

  3. Holly says:

    and water for the ocean water might be a little potent without the H2O.

  4. Holly says:

    I didn’t think so but hey tastes change 😉

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