Getting all Parsnipity

As you know, I got 5 pounds of parsnips from my Bountiful Baskets distribution on Saturday.  As promised, I tried one of the recipes I found on  I have to say, I’m surprised at how delicious roasted parsnips are! After making them last night, it took all of five minutes for me and the hubby to inhale them.  He was shocked at how good they were, which encouraged him to stop referring to them as “the yellow things in the fridge.” I may even start buying them from the grocery store in the future, they really were that good!!

So, some info for you.  Parsnips are harder than carrots, and while I tasted them raw and they’re decent that way, I wouldn’t recommend munching on them before cooking.  Not awful, but not sure they’re worth the risk of dislocating your jaw. 😛

Parsnip Prep

After peeling and chopping 2 pounds, I brushed them with 3 TBSP olive oil mixed with a couple pinches of cayenne and freshly ground sea salt (as much as you want, I kept grinding until I could grind no more).

Ready to Cook

I roasted @ 450 for 15 minutes, then brushed them with 2 minced garlic cloves.  I know there are people out there who are capable of chopping things in a uniform size, however, I am not one of them.  So yes, there were a few crispier pieces and I did have to cut the cooking time down on the 2nd round by half.



Next time I won’t chop the parsnips so small, and I’ll double the olive oil mixture (the recipe actually called for me to double it but I missed that part!).  Also, the larger pieces that weren’t cooked as well were not as yummy, so I’ll make sure everything cooks up nice and soft.  If you try the recipe, let me know what you think! Next up, the mashed parsnips and potatoes recipe. 😉


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I'm a crafter, a wife, a gardener, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, a reader, a creator. I like to read and paint and cook and relax with friends. Life is a gift, and I live it to the fullest!
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