Here’s what I’m gonna do…


hooray for 2013!

Every year when January comes I get all excited to start over fresh and get some stuff done.  I think there’s two different kinds of people in this world: those who admit to making goals for the new year and those who claim they don’t do that sort of thing.  We can all tell what category I fit into, right? And besides, if there is something you should know about me, it’s that I live to make lists.  Grocery lists, cleaning lists, to do lists, goal lists.  Of my goals, I usually have big ones that never quite become reality, little ones I make just to be able to cross something off my list right away (you know the kind: the stuff you are in the middle of doing right now and will finish soon but you put it on your list anyway just so you can feel accomplished right off the bat–yea, other people do that too!) and things that are reasonable and good and probably necessary.  I made my list before the countdown to the new year began, and I thought if I shared it here it might make me more accountable… So, here goes:

1.) WRITE!!! — really, it’s in big, bold letters on the top of the page… this has been the #1 goal of mine every year since I started making goals.  I never actually follow through though 😦

2.) Start a blog — HAha! Something I can check off, and it’s not even February yet 😉 Maybe the next goal should be “maintain blog”, huh?

3.) Back up picture files to external hard drive and organize them by file — it will seriously take me all year to do this if I start now.  I’ll start tomorrow… or the next day 😉

4.) Garden more, yield a full spring crop — I tend to start a garden and then neglect it just enough so that I can’t harvest much of anything.  Nothing dies, I just don’t get anything out of the plot except for a higher water bill and deformed midget veggies… but NOT this year! Oh, no, not this year 😉

5.) Volunteer more –I have already signed up for Phoenix Youth at Risk and am hoping to start a weekly commitment in February; last year I volunteered once with Habitat for Humanity and they kicked my butt so effectively I’ve dreaded going back for fear of my poor muscles-maybe I’ll give it another shot this year…but definitely NOT for roofing day. Ever. Again.

6.) Pay off credit cards and pay extra towards the house and car — oh, to be debt free! This goal should be called: buy less stuff.

7.) Purge and organize garage and shed — what more can I say about this? I do love me a good purge, so this shouldn’t be too tough.

8.) Start planning a remodel for the kitchen (a.k.a. daydream about all the things I can’t afford).

I couldn’t quite make it to 1o goals since I had to go grocery shopping and started another list in the meantime 😉 Don’t leave me hanging though — what are your goals?


About amy

I'm a crafter, a wife, a gardener, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, a reader, a creator. I like to read and paint and cook and relax with friends. Life is a gift, and I live it to the fullest!
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3 Responses to Here’s what I’m gonna do…

  1. Erica welch says:

    I tried gardening in the fall. I failed miserably! I shall try again in the spring!
    My goals are…
    * wean Jameson from nursing 18 months and I am done.
    * start potty training (once the above is done)
    * be more organized with budgeting
    *pay of credit cards
    * find a good job when we move back to Arizona!

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