Birthday Sleepovers

English Rose Tea House

Each year, some of our nieces and nephews stay the night for their birthday, and they get to pick something to do as their gift.  With so many kids in our family, it’s tough to get everyone in on the birthday sleepover deal, so this really only works with my sisters and brother’s kids.  On Friday night, Hope stayed over for her 7th birthday coming up, and she picked having a tea party as her gift this year.  I’ve taken her sister Grace to a tea room for her birthday before, and that is where we decided to go on Saturday morning.

We had a lot of fun dressing up for the occasion, and picking out our breakfast and tea.  The tea room has a trunk full of hats for the girls to dress up with, and Hope had a great time trying them on and posing for pictures.  She ordered a “Nursery Tea” service, and got excited that her finger sandwiches were peanut butter and jelly.  She’s not a fan of tea so we got her hot cocoa instead, but we still added a lump of sugar to make it more authentic 😉

Tea Treats

Nursery Tea

Tea Time





On Friday night, we decided to do a collage craft after Hope noticed a project I had done as an art assignment in high school and wanted to make her own.  She enjoyed going through magazines and picking out colors and shapes for her portrait and then using a purple glue stick to put  it all together.  I loved her portrait so much I just had to share it here!

my self-portrait collage created in high school

my self-portrait collage

miss hope's self portrait collage

miss hope’s self portrait collage

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4 Responses to Birthday Sleepovers

  1. tammie says:

    you are such a great auntie 🙂

  2. what an awesome bday celebration!

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