grillin’ with my honey

dry-rub steak, seasoned potato packets & a quick veggie side

I haven’t been cooking much lately, since my husband and I are on opposite schedules right now.  It’s just not as enticing to cook only for yourself!  BUT, Sunday we were finally together for dinner, so I decided to fire up the ol’ grill and cook up some meat for my man.  hahaha that made me laugh … At any rate, the menu: T-bone with dry rub (for him), Salmon packet (for me), Seasoned Red Potato packets and a frozen veggie side.  Hey! In my defense, it was the Fire Roasted Vegetables with balsamic glaze from Trader Joe’s.  Who needs to waste all that time chopping produce when you can have Trader Joe’s food on the table? Also in my defense, I really cook up a great steak, especially being a vegetarian 😉

potato packets

potato packets (before)

So, here’s what I did.  First, I started the grill and preheated to medium-high. Next, I used my handy-dandy apple corer to slice the potatoes into chunks.  I then cut the largest chunks in half to make everything more uniform.  I divided the potatoes between two large sheets of foil and then put about a tablespoon of Smart Balance (butter would work too) on top.  Then, I sprinkled the potatoes with garlic and onion powders, a pinch of dried basil, salt and pepper and finally, a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Once everything was seasoned, I sealed the packets and put them on the hot grill with the lid closed over a low flame.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and then moved on to seasoning the steak.  I always let the steak sit out on the counter to get room temperature before cooking since I heard this was the best way to keep the meat juicy.  I seasoned the steak with garlic and onion powders, freshly ground salt and freshly ground pepper.  I just sprinkle a light layer of each seasoning on one side.  Once that side is on the heated grill, I will season the other side of the steak the same way.  Until then, I set the meat aside and prepped the salmon.  For this, I placed a piece of salmon skin side down on another large sheet of foil and melted a tablespoon of Smart Balance in the microwave.  I added to that a tablespoon of soy sauce and mixed it together with a basting brush.  Once blended, I “painted” it on the fish, then ground a lemon pepper seasoning mix over the top.  Finally, I sealed the fish in the foil.  Once the 15 minute timer went off, I put the steak and fish on the side of the grill with the potatoes, turning that burner all the way down, and keeping the other flame high.  I cooked everything with the lid closed for 6 minutes, then turned the steak and closed the lid for another 6 minutes.  By then the fish and potatoes were done, and since I wanted more flame-broiled goodness for the steak, I cooked it a minute longer over a medium flame.  During this time I nuked the veggies, and TA-DA! Dinner is done! 🙂 OH! Side note, I let the steak sit for at least 5 minutes before cutting.  Trust me, this is an important step! I sprinkled the potatoes with the parmesan after they were plated.  It was REALLY yummy, and if you give it a whirl, I hope you enjoy it too!

grilled fish with sides

grilled fish with sides

Ingredients List:

t-bone steak

medium size salmon fillet with skin

garlic powder, onion powder, lemon pepper seasoning grinder

dried basil

fresh sea salt & pepper

smart balance or butter

soy sauce

balsamic vinegar

quick microwaveable veggie

fresh shaved parmesan

**just eyeball everything, seasoning to your taste preference!**

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