spring hat wreath craft

I was a total slacker with blogging last week, and I’m sorry! I did get a lot done around the house though, and have some fun blog posts lined up for this week, so hopefully I don’t leave you hanging for that long again.

With Easter coming up, I wanted to make some spring crafts.  In my family, my sisters and I split hosting responsibilities for all the major holidays.  I have Christmas and the Fall Harvest (aka Halloween), Jessica has Thanksgiving, and Sara has Easter. So, I decided to make Sara a gift to decorate for the occasion. (She reads my blog: Surprise, Sara!!) 🙂

finished spring hat wreath project

I just happened to have the smaller straw hats, ribbon and flowers in my craft stash, and since I’m on a tight budget, I decided to use those supplies to create a project.  All I needed to purchase was the large straw hat and white spray paint, which came to about $7 for both.  I realize that most people don’t have random straw hats lying around, but even if you have to buy those and have the rest on hand, the final project should cost you less than $15. Here’s the how-to:

spring hat wreath layout

First, I gathered supplies: Four straw hats of varying sizes, silk or fabric flowers, ribbon in different spring colors, hot glue gun & glue, white spray paint.  Next, I spray painted the large hat with two coats of matte white.  Then, I tied a ribbon to the backside of the hat for hanging, using the holes on either side of the hat to thread the ribbon to the back:

spring hat wreath hanging hook

This project was really pretty easy, the only real challenge was getting the bows to lie flat against the straw hats so they weren’t raised around the curves.  I found that pulling the ribbon tight and gluing each side was the best way to keep it from bubbling up.

gluing hat wreath bows on

hat wreath bow how-to

Once that was done, I played with the layout of my project until I got a general idea of where things should go:

spring hat wreath layout

After all the bows were attached to their hats, the big hat was painted and there was a way to hang the wreath, it was just a matter of gluing everything together once I found the layout I liked.

close-up side angle of spring hat wreath

close-up detail of the many hats on the spring hat wreath

I may or may not add Sara’s family’s last name to the white part of the wreath using a homemade stencil and paint. If I do, I’ll add those pictures when I’m finished.  In the meantime, I hope you have fun crafting for spring, and keep your eyes peeled for some of my other projects currently in the works!

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4 Responses to spring hat wreath craft

  1. super cute! It is sooo spring!!! 😀 I have had spring on the mind for a few days now, I am so eager to get some spring projects in the works.

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