Planning Our Pumpkin Party: Six Months Out (Part Two)

Idea time! In my last post, I shared some pictures from Pumpkin Parties past to remember what went right, what went wrong, and what to add.  The next step for my planning process is to collect ideas for this year’s party.  Every party has a few must-haves: yummy seasonal food & drinks, festive & fun decorations, music, carving supplies, games for the kids and of course, costumes. Here are a few ideas I have pinned on my Pumpkin Party Board on Pinterest for this year that will accomplish some of the things on our must-have list (thank you to the brilliant & creative folks who came up with them!):

party favor idea

Party Favors

a couple semi-healthy snack ideas


Pumpkin Oranges

inspiration for our welcome sign

Opening Sign

one of the games we’ll play with the kids

Kid's Game

homemade pumpkin decor

Canning Lid Pumpkins

idea for setting the mood 

Autumn Candle

for the yard

Path of Pumpkins

To see some of the other pins on my board, click here:

For Planning Our Pumpkin Party: Six Months Out (Part One), click here:


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