Mother’s Day Projects

Every year my husband and I make an effort to visit all of our mothers for Mother’s Day.  I like to try to see my sisters too. Sometimes I’ll do a Mother’s Day brunch at our house for my family, and then we will go to either one of Joe’s parent’s places to see one of his moms. With such a big family, holidays can get tricky but we try to make it work one way or another. This year, my sisters work so my mom is coming over for a quick visit before we go visit my grandma and Joe is going to his mom’s seperately.  It works out better to split up this year, but I’m hoping my mother-in-law won’t mind my absence since I made her this:

Wipe Yer Hooves Wreath

It was pretty easy to put together, and you know how much I love me a wreath! Plus, don’t tell her, but it cost less than $10 to make! I got the horseshoes free from my sister and the grapevine wreath itself for $2 on sale; the felt cowboy hat was around $3 for a pack of four of them, the plaque was 50 cents, the bandanna was 99 cents. The most expensive item was the flowers, which were a big bundle for $5, but I can use the rest for another project.  I had the raffia, wire for securing the horseshoes, stickers for the sign and  modge podge in my craft arsenal.

Here are some of the other Mother’s Day gifts I made this year with a trip to the dollar store and after raiding my scrapbooking supplies:

Picture of Mommy and Son at the same age

Mother and Son Photo

Baby’s footprint and her picture

Baby's Footprint and Her Picture

Lily’s Mother’s Day gift to her Mommy

Baby's Painting

I hope that all of the mothers, grandmas, aunts and motherly figures out there have a beautiful day today! Happy Mother’s Day!


About amy

I'm a crafter, a wife, a gardener, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, a reader, a creator. I like to read and paint and cook and relax with friends. Life is a gift, and I live it to the fullest!
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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Projects

  1. Love the gifts!!! I am sure your sisters and mother in law loved them too.

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