pinterest project month: halloween paper flowers

Is it me or did this work week take a while? Maybe it was the anticipation of the long weekend…or maybe it’s because I crammed a lot into this week! Either way, I’m glad for a break and thought I’d share another Pinterest project with you before checking out for the next few days. Click here for the  pinspiration for this project. And click the “more” tab for my tutorial (note: the Pinterest pin does not have a tutorial). I hope everyone has a safe and spectacular Labor Day weekend!

Pinterest Project Month: Halloween Paper Flowers

halloween paper flowers

What you need:

  1. Pretty paper: two standard size and two large square sheets, plus more for decorating
  2. Pom poms and/or other fun decorations
  3. Skewers or sticks (straws would work too!)
  4. Double sided tape
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Scissors
  7. Ruler

What you do:

halloween paper flowers

1.) Mark the back of a standard size sheet of paper with the measurement you choose (here is 1/2″), and use these marks as your guide to accordion fold the paper

(NOTE: this does not have to be an exact fold, it won’t matter in the end, I swear!)

halloween paper flowers

2.) Fold the accordion-folded paper in half

halloween paper flowers

3.) Put double sided tape on the backside of one end of the folded paper and attach it to the other end to make an accordion-folded half-circle

halloween paper flowers

4.) Do the same for the other standard size sheet of paper, and then connect the two half-circle shaped papers to each other with double sided tape

halloween paper flowers


halloween paper flowers


halloween paper flowers

5.) Start the process all over again with the larger square paper sheets, upping your measurement to an inch if you like (I did!)

6.) Attach the smaller circle to the larger one with hot glue

halloween paper flowers

7.) Trace a small circle onto a third sheet of paper, cut out

8.) Attach the small circle to the center of the larger circles with hot glue

9.) Hot glue a pom pom or trinket to the center of the flower’s smallest circle

halloween paper flowers

10.) Hot glue a skewer, sharp side down, to the backside of your flower

halloween paper flowers

11.) Fill a vase with floral foam, and then with the filler of your choice (dried black beans ABOVE, followed by shredded paper filler BELOW)

halloween paper flowers

12.) Tie bows around the skewers beneath the flowers

halloween paper flowers

13.) Place your skewers into the floral foam, creating the arrangement of your choice.

And you are done! For the smaller flowers, I cut a large square paper in quarters, and then made two small flowers with them using the same process.  What do you think? Be sure to let me know if you give this a try!

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5 Responses to pinterest project month: halloween paper flowers

  1. Home Seasons says:

    Such a great Halloween project! Can’t wait to start decorating for Halloween!

    • amy says:

      Thanks! I know, me too! I’ve already started debating on if Sept 22 is too early to start… it IS the start of Autumn and all! 😉

  2. kimetzel84 says:

    Hi Amy! I started thinking about my Halloween decorations yesterday and this caught my eye. It would be so easy and cheap to make these flowers. I know my craft store already has the Halloween paper out. Thanks so much for sharing!

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