checking in on the garden: September 2013

Checking In On The Garden September 2013

Happy Sunday! And Football Season! And the promise of Autumn! I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Ours is ending very nice indeed.  I planned to get some pretty extensive yard work done today, but Mother Nature had other intentions and dropped a thunderstorm on me about halfway through.  Nothing like tilling and raking and using other metal objects with thunder rolling in, right? I won’t complain though-us desert rats never complain about rain!!-because it was nice to get the work done with cloud cover and a light mist while it lasted.  I managed to get the raised cinder block garden bed tilled and added fresh, fortified soil in.  I also planted some seeds and trimmed the rosebushes.  Those poor roses, they look like I’ve never paid a second of attention to them! Remember when they looked like this?

Roses Spring 2013

Yea… they don’t look like that now.  Imagine thorny sticks with black and brown mottled leaves and a few dead flowers looking all a hot mess, and that is what we have right now.  But I’m hoping the blood meal I added and the trimming I did will be just the shot of love it needs.  We shall see!

Here is a list of the seeds I planted:

  1. Carrots~Carnival Blend~Garden Bed
  2. Squash~Cocozelle~Garden Bed
  3. Cucumber~Spacemaster (Bush Type)~Pot
  4. Bok Choy~White Stem~Pot
  5. Snow Pea~Taichung TC 11~Garden Bed
  6. Organic Cilantro~Pot
  7. Organic Mesclun Mix~Pot
  8. Organic Kale~Nero Toscana~Pot
  9. Organic Lettuce~Black Seeded Simpson~Pot
  10. Organic Tomato~Brandywine~Egg Crate
  11. Tomato~Better Boy Hybrid~Egg Crate
  12. Heirloom Tomato~Black Krim~Egg Crate
  13. Tomato~Supersweet 100 VF, Hybrid~Egg Crate

What else I did:

  1. Tilled garden and added fresh fortified soil
  2. Cut back and fertilized roses
  3. Pulled spent eggplant
  4. Cut back bell pepper plant
  5. Removed seeds from basil & cut back spent branches

The only survivors from my spring planting are the basil and bell pepper.  I cut back the artichoke plant in June, and the eggplant, pumpkins and tomatoes took a turn for the worse with the heat we had over the summer.  I’m so excited for Autumn!!! What is happening in your garden right now?

"Phoenix" Font


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