create your own: bloody mary bar

Create your own Bloody Mary Bar

Now that the straw has settled a bit, I thought I’d share our Bloody Mary Bar how-to’s.  We did this for our Pumpkin Party, but it would be great for the morning after a bachelor or bachelorette party, Thanksgiving, Chili Cookout, or really, any party where there is alcohol involved!   First, we collected some autumn accessories and bought serving trays and utensils from the dollar store. Then, we created a sign for the bar front and some food labels with scrapbooking supplies. Finally, we added the goodies!

Bloody Mary Bar Supplies

tip: include some munchies to soak up the alcohol

We had jars of pickled veggies including pepperoncinis, cauliflower mix and okra. We included olives, pickles and jalapenos, too.  We also had fresh celery, radishes, cucumbers, lemons and limes.  Whenever there is alcohol, there needs to be sustenance, so we made sure to have shrimp cocktail, cured meats and a variety of cheeses.  Next year, we’ll probably add some crackers and mustards to round out the mix.  To make the perfect Bloody Mary, we had V8, Clamato and a pre-made Bloody Mary Mix on the ready, as well as Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, garlic granules, powdered onion, pepper and celery salt.  For added flavor, we added worcestershire sauce and prepared horseradish. And let’s not forget the gin and vodka! I’ve heard some wild people also make Bloody Mary’s with tequila-seriously, if you’ve tried this, you need to tell me what that experience is like! You’ll want to have stirrers, skewers or toothpicks available for your guests, as well as cups, shot glasses, plates and napkins. Keep a cooler filled with ice and a trash can nearby!

Bloody Mary Bar Supplies

a close-up of all the fixins’

Autumn Vignette

creating ambiance

Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary Bar 2013

I can’t tell you how popular our Bloody Mary Bar was at this year’s party! Afterwards, our friends and family gushed about how cool it was and how much variety we offered to our wanna-be bartenders.  There was not a single ounce of alcohol, drop of mixer or crumb of food left on the table when the party ended! We will be adding this type of make-it-yourself bar to all of our alcohol-friendly parties from now on 🙂 For the record, my ultra-popular Bloody Mary recipe is as follows:

  1. Ice
  2. 1.5 ounce vodka
  3. 6-8 ounces Clamato
  4. Heavy hand of garlic granules
  5. Few shakes of worcestershire sauce
  6. Sprinkle of celery salt
  7. Lots and LOTS of olives
  8. Celery stick

If you try it, let me know what you think!

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6 Responses to create your own: bloody mary bar

  1. Love this concept. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice! I think I want to do this for our next party! I have done bloody Mary’s with tequila it’s pretty good! Has a different flavor. My favorite Bloody Mary is:

    8oz v8
    1.5 or so vodka
    Freshly cracked pepper
    Coarse sea salt
    Lots of olives
    Celery stick
    Lime wedge
    Dash or a few Tabasco
    Celery salt

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank You for the inspiration! We are having a bloody mary party to kick off the holidays the weekend before Thanksgiving. You have some great ideas!

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