Phoenix Summit Challenge Supply List

Training for the Phoenix Summit Challenge 2013

Hey there! We are less than one week away from the Phoenix Summit Challenge 2013, and I’m getting a little nervous.  My hiking partner had to bow out at the last minute, so it is just me.  On my own.  Well, sort of.  I’ll have all the other hikers there to keep me on pace, but there’s nothing like a buddy to keep you motivated when things get rough.  Guess I’ll just have to pump up my iPod and hope for my own inner strength to get me through! I conned Joe into being my chauffeur for the day, so at least I won’t have to worry about parking or walking from my parking spot to the trailhead.  I am still coming up with a list of supplies I’ll need for the hike, but I have a few things ready so far.  I bought new high-top hiking boots last week and broke them in with four mountains this weekend.  Got me some spiffy new wool-blend socks, the official PSC t-shirt (it’s SO soft!) and a headlamp that I probably splurged a little too much on.  But I figured I can take it camping with us, and it blinks so that is super fun! I already have my camel pack and a visor, sunglasses, toweliPod, and trail maps.  Here is a list everything else I’m planning to bring:

  1. FOOD.  I get hungry quick! I intend to bring PB&J sandwiches, string cheese, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, trail mix without chocolate, a tuna packet with mayo, bananas and other fruit, and any other vegetarian source of protein I can find.  I will probably stop for a salad and coffee at lunch time, but nothing heavier for fear I’ll be too tired afterward.
  2. WATER. I will have a full bladder in my camel pack to start, and two gallons of water on hand for refills.
  3. CHANGE OF CLOTHES.  I want to bring a couple extra sports bras, a change of shorts, two extra pairs of socks.  I’ll start out in a pair of workout pants, tank, t-shirt and lightweight jacket.  I’ll also make sure to have a clean pair of clean clothes and slippers or flip flops to change into at the end of the challenge.
  6. TISSUE. My nose runs when I work out. A lot. Fun fact for the day.
  8. BANDAIDS.  Just in case I get blisters.
  9. CELL PHONE. Duh.
  10. CAMERA.  I probably won’t pull this crazy stunt again and I’ll want pictures to show off 😉

Of course I’ll have a cooler in the car and I’ll have all my extra supplies there so I don’t have to carry everything.  I think I got my supply list covered, but if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share! In preparation for the Challenge next week, I hiked two mountains both Saturday and Sunday.  It was a little rough, just because I also hit happy hour Friday and Saturday night.  That won’t be happening again before the big day though, don’t you worry! I intend to eat well, rest up and walk this week to prep for my day of insanity.  Here are some pictures from the weekend, and really, feel free to offer any tips! I can use all the help I can get at this point!

To see all of my training for the big Phoenix Summit Challenge, check out this post, and this one, this one, this one, this one, this one and this one.  Happy trails to you, my friend!

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