custom DIY pantry just for me-booyah!

OMGeeee I’m so excited to share this post with you! Like, straight up giddy! I got a new pantry, I got a new pantry!! I GOT A NEW PANTRY!! Oh, wait-how YOU doin’, BTW? I hope your weekend is starting out freaking AWESOME! Now back to me, OK? (I’m totally kidding!!) Seriously, though, I do hope you are well, and I also hope you enjoy these snapshots of our newest addition. It only took 5 + years of nagging begging encouraging my husband to build us a pantry. He is super capable and definitely handy like that, and since we seriously lacked storage in our kitchen I didn’t think it was too much to ask for, right? Here is the progression, and please don’t judge me for my cluttered and messy BEFORE pictures, mmm-k?

Pantry Space Before

the hutch in the corner on the right is what we had been using for some of our food and kitchen items–the other food was in our cabinets on the other side of the room

Moulding Removed

first things first: removing all the crap in the way and taking out the moulding

Pantry Space

I was a little disappointed at first since this space doesn’t seem nearly big enough

Joe Framing the Pantry

but then Joe framed out the space and I could see the potential…

Pantry Taped for Texture

after putting up the drywall, we had a buddy come over and apply the mud and texture

Pantry Before Moulding

Joe was so excited about the door he got, he hung it a little prematurely-here is a shot of the textured wall without moulding

Aligning Pantry Moulding

and the door comes off so we can put the moulding up

Wood Glue on Moulding

some glue

Joe Installing Pantry Moulding

and nails

Completed Pantry Moulding

go a long way

Aligning Shelf Cleats

next up: getting the cleats just right for our new, custom measured shelves (we took the tallest cereal box and other items from our kitchen to measure out where we wanted shelves to go)

Finished Shelf Cleats

cleats are done and the door re-installed

Pantry Paint Colors

time for paint!

and finally…

Finished Pantry Interior

a finished pantry that is MORE than big enough for our food and small appliances!

Next up: a master bedroom closet.  And yes, from scratch because we are without a closet too! I am not sure where the prior homeowners stored their things, but currently we have both guest closets filled to the brim. Oh, I can’t wait!!!! I’ll post more pics of the finished dining room once we have it all settled and decorated and pretty… Hope you have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to custom DIY pantry just for me-booyah!

  1. Melissa says:

    I love it!

  2. looks amazing! Great Job!

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