date night snack-a-thon

Date Night Snack-a-Thon

Happy day to you! How is life in your neck of the woods? Joe and I are chugging along, living the dream and all. We are still working around the house one small project at a time, waiting to save up enough time and money for our next big project. Riding the wave of motivation from our last project (technically our first) building a pantry. You can check that out here. We had a “date night” at home recently, which of course included cleaning out our pots and pans cabinet, and organizing our tupperware cabinet. I know, I know. Life on the edge and all 😉 For the record, Joe is always surprised when I call these nights “date nights,” probably because he just calls them “nights at home.” Whatever. Life is an event, right?

Anywhoo, so when all that cleaning excitement was contained, we poured ourselves a cocktail and promptly got the munchies. What started with a plate of cheese and crackers slowly grew into a smorgasboard of deliciousness. Yep, we are totally wild and crazy like that. By the time we were through, our counter was full of cheeses, tuna, sliced veggies and fruit, olives, almonds, flavored oil and vinegar, and a few different cracker selections.

Step One: The Basics and Then Some

we started with just the cheese and crackers, then added sliced almonds, tuna and sliced strawberries

Step Two: Adding Another Layer of  Yummy

next came green olives, sliced onion, blue cheese, grape tomatoes, salt and pepper

Step Three: Tasty Little Extras

and then came cucumbers, blue cheese, parmesan cheese, apple flavored olive oil, lemon flavored vinegar and pita chips

Final Step: Yummy Deliciousness

last, but certainly not least, refill everything when the munchies take over!

It reminded me of the lazy Sunday we spent years ago spicing up a macaroni and cheese lunch I prepared for us. It went something like this: make a couple simple boxes of mac and cheese, add more fresh cheese and some pepper, then serve. Sit on the couch, get hungry again. Take turns adding random ingredients throughout the day and taking a few bites here and there. Finish the entire pot of pasta that had evolved into a gourmet recipe as the day wore on. Is that weird? If it is, I don’t really want to know, because that’s kinda what makes us tick!

Do you have date nights/nights at home with your partner in crime? What kinds of things do you two do? Shoot me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to date night snack-a-thon

  1. Love love love this idea! The hubs and I have date nights on Saturday (so our Valentine’s Day date will be on Saturday the 15th). I am planning a cheese and wine tasting for that night with all of the “extras.” (olives and other yummy nibbles, crackers, etc.) Thanks for the ideas–and I love the idea of the gourmet impromptu mac n cheese!

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