organizing the kitchen, one cabinet at a time

So remember the other day when I told you about our cheesy date night? Dang, that would have been a good title for that post… But I mentioned that we cleaned out a couple cabinets in our kitchen, and I thought I’d show you what I was talking about. Every January I start a spring cleaning of our house, beginning with the kitchen. After our annual Pumpkin Party and Christmas Open House, things get a little disorgaized and frankly, pretty grimy.

So, everything comes out of containment to be washed, rearranged and organized again. I always find something that was missing the last couple months, and end up getting rid of random odds and ends as I go. Still haven’t found the plug to our kitchen sink, but I’m convinced it was accidentally tossed in the trash… oh well.

Pots and Pans Cabinet, Before

Pots and Pans Cabinet, After

Top Shelf, Before

Top Shelf, After

Bottom Shelf, Before

Bottom Shelf, After

Pots and Pans Cabinet, Lid Storage Before Pots and Pans Cabinet, Clean and Empty Pots and Pans Cabinet, Lid Storage After

First up was the cookware.  Every time I tried to get a pot, pan or lid from this cabinet, I was dodging falling metal.  I’m hoping to keep the cabinet organized like this, but you know how it goes… once you’re in a hurry, everything starts stacking instead of taking the extra minute to finagle it into place.  Fingers crossed!

Then came the “tupperware” storage cabinet.  AKA the “irritating nightmare of food storage cabinet.” Lids missing containers, never-used storage, containers missing lids.  It was like the dryer-and-sock-debacle with plastic.  BPA free, of course.  But not any less annoying.

Tupperware Cabinet, BeforeTupperware Cabinet, After

Lid Storage

We  Joe hung the lid storage thingees on the door per my instructions, and I matched lids to containers and did a celebratory dance to the trash with the orphans.  Which is only politically and ethically correct when referring to inanimate objects, of course. SO much more room.  Unfortunately, there was a good amount of plastic containers in my dishwasher during the cleaning of this cabinet.  Luckily, it all fit in the end anyway 😉

All in all, this was a nice, easy and inexpensive project. And probably not that entertaining for you.  But I did do some fun picture editing, so at least you can take that away from this post… For those interested, I got a lid organizer at The Container Store, and stocked up on Magic Erasers, but everything else we already had.

Do you go through an annual deep cleaning of your place? Do you call it date night? Haha, I know. Probably not!

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