My calendar: February 2014

February 2014

Oh, man. It’s already eight days into February and I’m just now getting to my calendar for this month. Oy. So, yea. Hope that’s not a sign this whole month is going to leave me with whiplash! Here’s what’s going down in our ‘hood:

*BIRTHDAYS! We’ve got our niece’s, a couple of Michael’s, my brother’s, my grandma’s, a handful of friends and my mom’s hubby. Talk about party central ’round here!

*Major garden planting time! Repeat after me: strawberry season!!!! Eeeeee!

*V-day. Duh.

*Double date with my sister and her hubs.

*Projects: refinishing the hope chest I got for a steal last summer, deep cleaning the rest of the house and fixing the back patio tile.

*My first Art Date of 2014. Remember my goals for the year? It’s all good if you don’t, you can check them out here to see what I’m about to yammer on about. I have a few projects lined up (for today, in fact!): valentines gifts first, since I’m obviously falling behind already, a wine painting/collage that I started who-the-hell-even-remembers-when, and if I’m cranking them out at a good speed, then a painting I’m imagining for a black canvas I got a few months back.

Speaking of 2014 goals, there’s about to be some accountability all up in this biznitch. One of my goals was to create a routine and stick to it.  Welp. I started out great, and there are pieces of the routine that I am getting good at, but it could use some work this month.  Also, getting back into my healthy eating and workout routine.  I sort of half assed that one too.  I am going to focus on these two things for February.  Also, while I did manage to visit my grandparents, it wasn’t exactly under the best of circumstances (checking on them to see why they hadn’t answered their phone in two days wasn’t exactly the plan).  So there’s that too.  What I did accomplish: I backed up my blog, purged the garage, and worked a little on creating my studio.  Still have a long ways to go with the last one though. How are your 2014 resolutions/goals going? Have you made any progress?

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I'm a crafter, a wife, a gardener, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, a reader, a creator. I like to read and paint and cook and relax with friends. Life is a gift, and I live it to the fullest!
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3 Responses to My calendar: February 2014

  1. Busy, busy..
    Good job on what you have accomplished so far! I’m sticking to my goals pretty good….. Except for the exercise more. :p But come on now, does anyone REALLY like exercising?

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