create your own: cheapie valentines

Mondays stink.  I hope yours is going good so far, though! Mine is to be determined.  I had a super-productive Sunday, so if nothing else, I can go home and lay on my couch and do absolutely nothing tonight if the work-day gets too hairy. Cereal for dinner, anyone?

Easy Valentines For Less Than a Quarter Each

I made some valentines over the weekend, and thought you might get a kick out of them.  They were super cheap – 24 cents each to be exact.  They were fun to make and really easy, so give them a shot if you are looking for something to do at the last minute! Because yea, this Friday is Valentines day.  Sorry, don’t mean to be a buzzkill! >muah!<

Create Your Own: Glow Bracelet Valentines


  1. Ribbon ($1.79 and used less than half)
  2. Glow Bracelets (scored mine at the dollar store 12 for a buck!)
  3. Small heart stickers (got a sheet for $1.49)

Freebie Supplies:

  1. Sharpies
  2. Card Stock or construction paper
  3. Hole punch
  4. Glue or self stick adhesive
  5. Scissors (yea, I know)
  6. Pencil (yep, again with Captain Obvious)

Here’s the plan:

Make a stencil of a lightbulb.  I freehanded it, but I’m sure you could find a stencil somewhere if you are OCD like that. Create a heart stencil too.  Again, mine was freehand.  Make 12 lightbulbs and 12 hearts. Glue the hearts to the bulbs, and freehand the lines on the bottom.  Write “Valentine, you light up my life” on each lightbulb.  Put your cute little stickers on there wherever your sweet heart desires.  Punch a hole at the top or on the side, and put ribbon through it.  Tie the bulb to the glow bracelet, being careful not to bend the stick or you’ll burn out the glow, baby! Put the connector piece on the top and marvel at your creativity.

Now share the love and give those pretty little valentines away!

Valentine, You Light Up My Life!

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