create your own: poker party birthday bash

Throwing a Poker Party Birthday Bash

Hey there! How is your February going? We’ve been enjoying ourselves around here! My sister, Sara,  recently threw her husband, Michael, a poker themed birthday party and I volunteered to help. Seriously, she is so creative and budget-minded it blows my mind. I always intend to stay within a certain dollar range when I throw a party, she actually does. And it’s always awesome. She created most of the decorations with paper and her printer, focusing on her red, black and white color scheme.  I added a few borrowed items to the mix, rounding out the poker theme. We collaborated on the food, with a Guinnes soaked porterhouse steak and a candy cake recipe as the starting point. Sara also printed out some common poker game rules and hand rankings as cheat sheets for all the novice poker players in attendance. Seriously, she’s brilliant! Michael seemed to have a blast – at least if the photos from that night tell the true story, considering he was laughing in most of them! It really was SO much fun!!

I have to also tell you, Michael’s party followed just two hours after they threw a Hello Kitty themed eighth birthday party for their daughter. At the same location. Complete with decorations, food and cupcake decorating for all the party guests. Seriously, right? If Sara can pull off two full-on parties in one day at the same place within hours of each other, you can totally create your own poker party birthday bash. Here’s the how-to in seven easy steps, illustrated in pictures from Michael’s very own poker party birthday bash!

Poker Party Dessert Table

Click here for the red velvet cheese ball, here for the bacon, here for the jello shots and here for the pecans!

Poker Party Finger Food Table

Click here for chicken recipe, here for the steak,  here for the crab puffs, here for the antipasto skewers, here for the fondue and here for the pretzel dippers!

Poker Party Cards and Ranking Cheat Sheet

Poker Party Loose Change

Poker Party Decorations

Poker Party Decorations Closeup

Poker Party Candy Shop Ice Cream Cake

Poker Party Late Night Snack

Click the cake picture for that recipe, and the mac and beer cheese cup picture for that one!

We used pinterest for inspiration, and I included all of the recipes in links for you! I hope I inspired you to throw your own poker party birthday bash.  Let me know what you think!

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4 Responses to create your own: poker party birthday bash

  1. It sure was a fun party!! Thanks for all your help!

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