Looking Back: February

I know February is a short month, but it seemed even shorter this year! I wanted to do a quick post to look back at the last month and check in with my 2014 goals. That whole accountability thing, you know?

So far, I’m doing decent with reaching some of the goals I set out for the year.  I am sort of sticking to a routine (goal #1), at least for the weekends.  I wanted to carve out time to clean house, get the grocery shopping and other errands done, and make our lunches for the week.  So far, I’ve been able to accomplish all of this by turning down a few invitations and making it a priority.  I haven’t established the daily routine I was envisioning, though.  I want to make a healthy dinner every night, lay out my clothes for the next day, get everything ready to go for the morning.  It seems so… exhausting.  After a long work day, I just want to relax!  But I know that my morning routine would benefit from it, so I’ll keep trying. Guh. I’m not even looking forward to it… Moving right along, though, I’ve been slowly working my way back to my daily morning workouts: goal #2 for 2014.  I could be more consistent with that, and my healthy eating plan is easier said than done.  I also had an art date in February (goal #8), and I’m planning my March art date for tomorrow.  So there’s that.  I’m excited to show off the piece I’m working on – fingers crossed I finish it this weekend! And I visited my grandparents for my Grandma’s birthday, my most favorite goal of 2014 (#7). My last goal for this year is to start our Europe fund and get passports.  If you count downloading the passport application as accomplishing something, then I’ll claim that one as progress too! Whew! Glad that’s over.

Here is what happened around here in February:

  1. organizing the kitchen
  2. quickie appetizers
  3. wandering eye wednesday 
  4. february calendar
  5. cheapie valentines
  6. wandering eye wednesday
  7. checking in on the garden
  8. wandering eye wednesday
  9. poker party birthday bash
  10. rose care
  11. wandering eye wednesday

How are your 2014 goals going? Are you staying on track? Let me know, we’ll keep each other accountable! 😉

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I'm a crafter, a wife, a gardener, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, a reader, a creator. I like to read and paint and cook and relax with friends. Life is a gift, and I live it to the fullest!
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