My calendar: March 2014

March 2014 Calendar


Oh, March.  You are SO dang demanding! Why couldn’t this month be called “Sit And Gorge On Girl Scout Cookies”? Nope.  It’s March.  A call to forward movement.  Stupid March.  Here’s what’s on the agenda this month:

*Our wedding anniversary, which = a trip to Pinetop for the weekend. I’m excited to post pictures from our trip soon! Oh, and yea, also spending time with that husband guy. haha

*Another trip to LA to visit a dear friend.  SO excited about this!! We’ve got all sorts of fun adventures planned that are sure to chill me the f-out.

*March birthdays! And potential celebrations.  Although, we haven’t been invited to any so far… maybe we need to plan some sneak attacks!

*Prime gardening time: fertilization, major organic bug defense, transplanting seedlings, putting in some type of flowering vine along the back wall and clearing out our backyard.  Seriously. It’s become embarrassing. Also, I’m really interested in doing SOMETHING with our side yard, since it’s turning into a weed playground.  And not in a legal dispensary kind of way.

*REALLY Focus on my workout and healthy eating plan, since I just booked our second annual San Diego July 4th trip.  Nothing like bikini season as motivation…ugh.

*A trip to IKEA to pick out a new daybed for the guest room/soon-to-be-studio!!! Very excited about this also!!! I just want a studio, dang it!!! How nice it will be to not have to drag out supplies to the dining room table and clean up UGH.

*Some projects around the house, including refinishing some cheap/free furniture pieces and hopefully starting our dining room shelving project. And of course working on the studio-to-be!

*A visit to my grandparents.  I really enjoyed seeing them the last two months 🙂

I showed you mine, now show me yours! What’s going on around your neck of the woods for March? Oh, and also, I did break down and buy some girl scout cookies.  Samoas. Absolutely worth every single calorie (but really now, two cookies is the serving size? who stops at two??).  Did you do it too? Which ones are your favorites? And if you are outside Girl Scout Cookie country, do you have your own version? C’mon, people.  Cough up the details!

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