checking in on the garden: march 2014

Checking In On The Garden

Hey there! How’s it going? I’m getting ready for my upcoming trips and really looking forward to some much needed time away. In the meantime, here is what our garden is doing right now:

Out of the four tomato transplants I planted last month (check out February’s garden here), I’ve only got three left.  Something ate one of the plants right down to the stem within the first week <insert sad face here>.  I planted it close to the compost pile, so I’m pretty convinced some little compost-gobbling bugger got a little too ambitious.  So that sucks.  Otherwise, everything else I did last month is thriving.  Or at least surviving.  There is one strawberry plant that wishes I never brought it home, since it’s fighting off another type of bug too.  It’s hanging in there, the little fighter, so feel free to send the “get well soon” cards! The rosebushes are full of new growth, thanks to my new-found pruning knowledge (click here for that!).  I’m waiting for the cilantro to go to seed, but meanwhile, it has some pretty flowers going on.  And the purple basil planted last year is doing a little thank-you dance in it’s pot for my new hose nozzle head dealio.  Since it’s getting watered way more now and all.

This month, I’ll be:

  1. Fertilizing
  2. Planting something along our back wall
  3. Figuring out a plan for our side yard, which is sure to be an ongoing thought-process since I have NO CLUE what to do over there… but pulling weeds needs to happen none-the-less
  4. Transplanting seedlings of cucumbers and cauliflower (hopefully!)
  5. Probably ditching the wildflower seedlings since it’s sort of time for them to bloom or get out of  the pot and they are pretty itty bitty right now…
  6. Possibly collecting seed of cilantro, but I’m not sure how long it takes to actually produce seed…

So if you want to see what was happening in the garden last year at this time, click here.  What’s happening in your garden right now? Or is it too early for all that in your area?

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