when the white mountains are white

From The Road

Happy Friday! I am SO looking forward to this day being over quick so that tomorrow comes and I can get to LA already! I probably shouldn’t be so eager to get out of town since I was just in Pinetop last weekend. BUT. Well, I really got nothin’ by way of an excuse. I’m just excited!!

Before I get too far ahead of myself though, I wanted to share our pictures from the White Mountains (that were covered in white!) and give you a review of the resort we stayed at, just in case you are ever in the area. I haven’t seen snow for a while, being that I live in a desert and all, so it was nice to play in it and breathe the crisp air. Something about being up north, in the mountains, surrounded by snow, makes the sky so much bluer. Is this even possible? Is the sky really more blue up there? Joe and I were contemplating this on our way back to the valley. I know some of you have far too much snow going on right now, and maybe even more on the way. Maybe it would be more bearable if you had a view like this?

So we stayed at the Roundhouse Resort in Pinetop/Lakeside, Arizona. It was… quaint. I give it a lot of credit for the thought they put behind providing enough activities for everyone. They have an indoor pool and jacuzzi, racquetball, pool tables and ping-pong. A side note: The Mr. And I are going to take up racquetball! We had a total blast running around the indoor court like a bunch of deranged banshees swinging racquets haphazardly. I’m sure there are very thorough rules on what you’re supposed to do with that incredibly bouncy ass ball, but we were having far too much fun flinging it around willy-nilly, we may never learn the rules! HA! I laugh at us just remembering it… Anywhoo. The resort.

Roundhouse Resort Entrance

It also has miniature golf, playgrounds, picnic areas, shiny new barbecue grills. They have a movie library for rentals, cable tv, wi-fi and an information seminar deal on Saturday mornings with a continental breakfast. They have board games in their atrium, a weight room and a schedule of activities. I think that covers their amenities, which is arguably pretty thorough, right? The one thing I really wish they had, and I’m guessing they don’t, is a steam cleaner for the living room furniture. Ew. It’s old, and I get it so I don’t judge. But the mystery stains totally creep me out and I wouldn’t sit on the upholstered furniture without a towel. Joe could have cared less, but if you know him, you wouldn’t be surprised by this. The kitchen had everything we needed though, and we even cooked a yummy, albeit simple, dinner Saturday night. The water got HOT fast, which was super nice since it was pretty cold outside. We had a private patio, too, not that we needed it for much in the winter and all. The walls are pretty thin, and noise was a factor. Let’s see… what else? OH, oh, oh!! Chuck! Chuck was at the front desk every day we were there, and Chuck is freaking awesome! Joe and I got to bickering while we were driving up because we missed our turn and of course it was pitch black outside. Needless to say, we were less than thrilled and pretty wound up when we finally got to Chuck. His manner, the slow, deliberate and soothing way he talks, it’s like we were each given a Valium by the time this guy was done with us. Seriously. We walked back out of there shaking our heads trying to figure out what the heck just happened, but like, in slow motion because we were THAT much calmer. Needless to say, I need to borrow Chuck the next time Joe starts getting on my nerves. Maybe I’ll program the Roundhouse Resort number in my phone and just call to ask Chuck a pretend question about the grounds when I’m ready to strangle my husband. Huh. That’s an idea…

I think I covered everything about the resort, though. I’d probably stay there again if it were in the winter, just to have all the fun indoor activities. Or if we had kids for sure. But if I could be entertained outside without turning blue, especially at night, I’d stay somewhere else. I prefer my furniture clean. Call me a nut.

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