checking in on the garden: april 2014

Checking in on the Garden April 2014

So, I’m pretty proud of my garden right now! It’s the best it’s ever been and I’m feeling all smart and stuff.  Like, I might actually have the hang of this whole growing food to eat business.  Heck, I even have a mystery plant growing out of my compost pile, and that’s like, boss, right? Because I can make things grow out of garbage, man. Oh, yeah.

It’s my fourth (?) year of gardening here, and I finally feel like I have some knowledge paving the way with my planting placement, fertilization, pruning, and everything else garden-related.  Of course, I still doubt myself and feel like I have no freaking idea what I’m doing.  But, look!

Pepper Plant April 2014

pepper plant

Potted Strawberry April 2014

 strawberries in a pot

Tomato, Onion, Peas, Bell Pepper

onions, tomato, peas, bell pepper and basil

Cherry Tomato Plant April 2014

cherry tomato babies

Mystery Growth in the Compost Pile

mystery compost plant

Cilantro Going to Seed, Lantana

cilantro going to seed, tomato buried in the same pot, lantana and pineapple palm tree

Strawberry Plant April 2014

strawberry growing in the raised bed

Raised Cinder Block Garden

strawberry in a small pot, sweet pea and peppers in the raised bed

And here’s the deal, these plants are just pretty (although, I do eat the purple basil, and it smells and tastes FANTASTIC- so it’s not just for show!).

Purple Basil April 2014

purple basil (mostly flowers because they are SO pretty!)

Rose Bushes April 2014

my happy little rose bushes with lavender in between

Climbing Rose Bush April 2014

climbing rose bush

Floribunda Roses April 2014

floribunda rose bush

Here are my to-do’s this month in the garden:

  1. harvest cilantro seed, hopefully
  2. keep on fertilizing!
  3. harvest some cherry tomatoes
  4. continue to harvest the random strawberry-seriously? I have six plants.  You’d think I could at least get a pint out of those babies by now!
  5. still have baby wildflowers growing in pots, and really not sure if they’ll EVER get to flower-so we are just watching to see…
  6. keep everything watered and alive, since it hit almost 100 degrees here already this week! ouch.
  7. trim the pineapple palms
  8. wonder when the onions will set, could possibly be this month, maybe?

Don’t you just love spring? Seriously, my favorite season EVER.  What are you planning or growing in your garden this year?

Side View of Roses April 2014

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6 Responses to checking in on the garden: april 2014

  1. memorypearls says:

    Just beautiful, Amy!

  2. Shannon says:

    Your garden is so neat and lovely. I am excited to see how the cilantro and onions turn out.

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