boys will be boys airplane party

Paper Airplane Party Fun

Hey there! How is your day going? I’m having a great time over here, just whipping out projects like I’m Superwoman or something! It’s crazy how productive some weeks can be and how totally dead-end others are.  I’m on an upswing here, and loving every minute of it! We had the little men in our lives over recently for a paper airplane party, and whoo boy, was it FUN! You remember I did the girlie hair salon party a couple weeks back, right? If not, you can read about it here.  Anyway, the girls had such a great time that I couldn’t leave the boys out.  I’m the cool aunt, remember? HA! So, I did what any self-respecting cool aunt would do and threw a bad ass paper airplane party with obstacles and kid-friendly food and SO much fun that I’m still patting myself on the back!

Boys Will Be Boys Paper Airplane Party

Here’s the scoop on the coolest/easiest/cheapest party you can have with a bunch of little dudes:

Budget: In total, this shin-dig cost a whopping $75 and I got enough food, goodie bag supplies and decorations for 10 boys (we only had 5 though!)

Menu: chicken nuggets, veggie cups, pigs in a blanket, Gogurts, popcorn, Kool-Aid, cheese cubes, Icee cups and licorice

Supplies: aside from food, I got scrapbook paper (FYI: paper airplanes are pretty hard to fold with card stock!), ribbon, a triangle banner, goodie bags and stuffers, and hula hoops for targets.  I set out a bucket of construction and printer paper with washable markers and crayons.  Other targets were assembled for free from a golf target dealy of Joe’s, trash cans and scrap wood.  Oh, and napkins, plates and a tablecloth.  Gotta love the dollar store!

How-to: Decorations were super simple: folded paper airplanes, a banner and string that I curled and hung.  We had the boys color a sheet of paper of their choice and then got down to business folding and taping our airplanes.  Shout out to my super-amazing-paper-airplane folding brother-in-law! (Can I use some hyphens or what?!?) I hung two different size hula hoops from a small palm tree, set up the golf target thing, made a makeshift star on the grass with the scrap wood and turned a trash can upside down with another on it’s side placed on top.  These were our targets for the boys to aim at.  After dinner, we had them go to town throwing their airplanes into the different targets, taking steps farther back after each round.  We let them play loose-goosie for the most part, which was the best, because they had a total blast! When they got tired of all that, I handed out goodie bags, which had wood gliders, coloring pages, plastic airplanes, and rubber bugs to fling at each other.  Which happened to be flung at me for the most part.  Ah, the life of an aunt!

Paper Airplane Party Food

Eli's Beautiful Picture

Coloring Planes

Dax's Victory Dance

Paper Airplane Party Smiles

Victory Dance

this guy! oh, man! he had the funniest and silliest victory dance every time he made a plane sail into the target!

Paper Airplane Party Goodies

Totally cute, right? So, if you’re looking for a birthday party idea, just something fun to do with the little men in your life, or heck, if you need something to keep them occupied during an adult friendly get-together, I highly recommend you give this a try! Have fun 🙂

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2 Responses to boys will be boys airplane party

  1. The boys had SO much fun at this party! They were so excited when they came home telling me all about it. You’re a great Auntie! Love you!!

    • amy says:

      It makes me so happy that they enjoyed it! I had such a blast with them, I wish I had recorded Eli’s victory dance, lol! Thank you, I love you!!!

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