checking in on the garden: May 2014

Checking in on the Garden: May 2014

How’s it going? So, I know I’ve bragged about our garden this year (see here and here) and I’m seriously just so freaking impressed with it that I’m not even about to take all the credit! No kidding, I was just telling Joe that I think the eclipse earlier this year, and the blood moon and mother nature are totally what is making everything grow so well this season! I don’t want to jinx it by bragging though, especially since the heat is settling in, so I’m just going to share some pictures and tell you my plans for the month and be on my way 😀

Sweet Strawberry Flower

one of several strawberry plants we’ve got going on, this one in a pot – the ones in the garden bed are much bigger, but aren’t flowering and we haven’t seen a berry in a while

Bell Peppers May 2014

this pepper plant is at least two years old, and was recently damaged in an epic windstorm a couple weeks ago… it’s producing amazingly, but the peppers have always been small, thin-skinned and bitter.  i’m letting them turn to red before picking this season and if that doesn’t help their flavor, this plant will be going to the compost pile.

Front Yard Roses & Lavendar

the lavender is LOVING all the water the roses get! look how big it is 🙂

Rose Bushes May 2014

Cinder Block Garden May 2014

in total, there are three pea plants, three tomatoes, eleven onions left, one frustrating bell pepper, three basil and two strawberry plants in the raised bed

Mint and Mystery

a sweet friend gave me a couple mint transplants, and i think the plant to the left is a flower of some sort

Mystery Compost Plant

remember my mystery compost plant from last month (here)? it’s a potato plant! i transplanted it into the garden

Cherry Tomatoes May 2014

the most cherry tomatoes i’ve ever had at one time-eeee!

Buffet Pot

this pot sort of cracks me up… i planted a pepper plant in it this year, and it had a tomato plant and vincas in it last year.  those came back on their own, and i must have tossed some flower seeds in there because those are growing too! it’s always a surprise when i see what pops up 🙂

Tomato and Lantana May 014

last month, this pot had cilantro in it that was waiting to go to seed.  it finally did so i ripped all of it out and harvested coriander seed from it.  the tomato plant is doing so much better on it’s own!

Red and Yellow Lantana May 2014

i think we have the weirdest lantana… it is very stringy and spreads quick, unlike the lantana i see everywhere else that creates more of a bush.  at least it’s pretty because it certainly doesn’t behave!

Vincas and Lilies May 2014

i was under the impression i was planting a fall annual when i put the vincas here, but it’s only gotten better and bigger ever since.  it’s lasted since the end of last summer!

Flower Pot May 2014

more magical vinca, and finally a wildflower poppy that i put in as seed last fall!

So there you go, my pretty little garden! I’m off to do my little garden dance so it keeps on keeping on 🙂 My only other plan is to keep everything watered and fertilized with my fingers crossed that I get lots of produce soon! How is your garden going? Have you planted yet? I’d love to hear about it, so please, drop me a line!

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6 Responses to checking in on the garden: May 2014

  1. Shannon says:

    How do you still have peas alive!? Do they get a lot of shade? Mine always die off in one foul swoop once it hits the 80s. Also, curious how much shade your strawberries get. Mine get a ton and have kept producing small berries. Also, do you know what type of strawberries they are?

    • amy says:

      Hi Shannon! I don’t have the peas shaded, but I’m guessing they are getting less than 12 hours of sun. I keep them caged, is that how you grow yours? My strawberries are all in different levels of sunlight, some are up front, some back, some side. I am trying the Sequoia (junebearing) and quinalt (everbearing). What kind of strawberries do you have? Where/how do you grow them?

  2. Shannon says:

    My peas are on a trellis type deal. I usually plant about 100 seeds in two spots and when they go, they go. If I have stragglers it isn’t till summer due to a seed randomly falling… then I start replanting them aug/sept. Mine get a lot of sun. As for my strawberries, sequoia in the back, new ever-bearing(they have the pink flower instead of the white) in the front… minimal sun…. the strawberries in the back are between the house and wall… maybe 4 feet between the two… so they get a sliver of sun … but they reproduce like crazy (there has to be between 40-50 plants now) and produce small berries… and I haven’t really fertilized. I need to. All planted in the ground, lots of water.

    • amy says:

      You must have magic soil 😉 My strawberries are new this year, maybe they’ll produce better once they are established…

      • Shannon says:

        Oh yeah, totally! I didn’t know they were new. The strawberries in the back have been there 3 years now.

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