mickey and minnie mouse birthday party

Happy Friday! We are headed out of town to Lake Havasu this weekend, and I am practically stroking because I’m so excited! I can’t wait to spend the next three days out of town with dear friends and that husband of mine.  But first, I bring you Lily’s third birthday party, compliments of my sister, Ashley:

Minnie Centerpieces

we painted terra cotta pots pink and black, glued some contrasting ribbon along the top, put floral foam in the bottom and tissue paper on top of that.  then we cut out minnie shaped heads out of card stock, glued a bow and a painted wooden letter in the initial of the birthday girl to a skewer. finally, we poked that into the foam and bam! totally cute, huh?

Mickey and Minnie Garland

for garland, we used chip board from the scrapbooking section in the party’s theme.  using a hole punch to create the hole, then threading string through and tying at regular spacing between, we were able to make unique garland for super cheap.

Oh Toodles Goodie Bags

oh toodles goodie bags, filled with crayons, mini coloring books, stamps, silly straws, fruit snacks, stickers 

Mickey Cheese

little miss creative cut the cheese and meats with mickey cookie cutters – or as one small guest exclaimed: rats!

Mickey Sandwiches

ashley debated on cutting the bread into mickey shapes too, but we convinced her it was waaaay too much work!

Mickey and Minnie Cakes

mickey and minnie cakes, a little beat up by the heat (of course it would be 108 degrees on the day you’re throwing a birthday party for 50 guests at the park!)

And one final shot of the day:

Birthday Girl

Isn’t she getting big?!? Remember last year?

The Birthday Girl


I think she really enjoyed her party and all the effort her mommy (and aunties and grandma) put into her special day.  A very happy birthday to my sweet niece, Lily!

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2 Responses to mickey and minnie mouse birthday party

  1. Adorable! I love the Terra cotta pots and the Mickey cheese and meat is so cute.

    • amy says:

      Thanks! We had fun making the pots, but the cheese and meat was all Ashley and the fam-way more dedication than I’ve got in me 😉

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