girls overnighter: tap haus and buffalo chip

Oh, Sunday.  Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  Just… why? You’re nothing like your free-spirited sister, Saturday. Though you are a bit kinder than Miss Monday, who is really just a nasty hag, if I’m being honest. So… I hope your Sunday is treating you well, and that you are having a most fantastic weekend so far! It will be a short week for us since we are heading to San Diego for the 4th, so at least I have that.

My sister, Jessica, regularly plans girls overnighters to get a group of amazing ladies together to eat, drink, talk, and relax.  Sometimes, we stay in.  Other times we check out a cool place around town or stay at a resort.  This time around, we went to the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek.  First, though, we stopped and had dinner at Cave Creek Tap Haus Grill.

Tap Haus Stage

we didn’t stay, but the band was setting up for their show

Tap Haus Interior Bike

the scene at tap haus is eclectic… does the bike hanging from the ceiling make it a biker bar?

Tap Haus Bar Stools

dang iPhone… the bar was pretty fantastic…

Cave Creek Tap Haus Grill Menu

Inside Cave Creek Tap Haus Grill Menu

cowboy food for a very cowboy town

Tap Haus Burger

one of their burgers (don’t ask which one, i’m still working on remembering all the food everyone got!)

Tap Haus Rueben

the reuben

Tap Haus Taco Salad

the taco salad, and shelby with her bad ass dress

Tap Haus Tuna Melt

tuna melt

Tap Haus Margherita Pizza

margherita pizza

So, Tap Haus. First of all, if I got all of the food items correctly identified then it’s a small miracle because I have a terrible memory and there was alcohol involved.  Second, everyone else seemed to like their food, but the Margherita pizza I got was not that great.  I had half a slice and opted to suck down beer instead.  I was expecting medallions of mozzarella, basil and tomato, what can I say? The sauce wasn’t very appetizing, either.  The employees were great, the service was great, the place was a bit dead and I had a very close encounter taking pictures of the bar stools.  We enjoyed ourselves.

Amy and Megan

blur much, iPhone? sheesh.

Tap Haus Ambiance

Once dinner was through, we headed over the the Buffalo Chip Saloon.  What a fun, happenin’ place! You should know that Cave Creek, Arizona, is a western town in the northeast valley.  It’s full of cowboys, bikers and snowbirds (in the winter).  In the summertime, it’s all about having a good time and kicking back while trying to ignore the heat radiating from the baked earth.  Cold beer usually helps.

Buffalo Chip Saloon Signage

Buffalo Chip Entrance

Buffalo Chip Cowboys

Buffalo Chip Bull Riding

in the rear of the bar, they have bull riding.  patrons can mosey on up and tempt the bulls to see how long they can stay on.  it’s usually not very long.  just saying.

Buffalo Chip Crowd

Buffalo Chip Ceiling

inside the bar, they have country dancing, food, and this really cool ceiling.  i mean, come on now! 

Buffalo Chip Shiner Bock

one of the regulars suggested i order this beer, and for lack of anything else enticing, i gave it a whirl.  pretty tasty, cowboy stranger.  pretty tasty.

Buffalo Chip Besties

bestest friends, these two

Girls Overnighters usually involve crashing out somewhere (hence the “overnight” part).  We stayed at Jessica’s and played cards, gabbed and had late night munchies.  As far as Buffalo Chip goes, it’s a great atmosphere and a fun crowd.  Wear boots or close-toed shoes, because it’s full of dust and gravel and climbing the rafters can get a bit hairy in heels.  It’s loud, laid back and a lot of fun!

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