the ghosts at ocean beach

Happy day to you! So, no.  No actual ghosts in Ocean Beach, at least that I witnessed.  But the antique stores there are filled with relics from the past, all telling their quiet story if you listen closely enough. I spent hours lost in the booths, touching all the bits and pieces from ages ago, wondering what things were and smiling when I recognized something from my grandma’s house growing up.  Some of the booths were set up so creatively, I couldn’t escape their charm.  Seriously, people, hours.  Check ’em out.

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

loving the drawer pulls, the pink and turquoise, the cute postcards and the pretty lamp

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

so boudoir! the ideas in this booth, oh man

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

yep, total sucker for pretty bottles on a silver tray.  and that purple coral? yes, please!

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

these would fit right in with my imaginary beach house

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

my inner grandma is aching for these glass pieces! and that pink… it’s so cute!

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

too bad we live in a desert and not near the water… 

Ocean Beach Antiques 2014

these scream “pumpkin party!” bet I could craft some up before the next party

It always amazes me when the employees at antique shops can locate the items I’m looking for.  How can they remember where anything is when the places are filled to the brim with so many trinkets? Some days, I can’t even find my car keys.  In my own house.  I mean, really? The thing about antiquing here, though, is things are a little pricey.  Sure, everything is authentic, beautiful, and well taken care of, but my pockets just aren’t that deep.  If money weren’t an issue, I’d have gone home with a truck full of goodies and totally redecorated the house.  Not entirely a sad ending though, because I got a couple of cake stands and some small handmade things to hang on our walls at home.  And spent less than $100.  Score!

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday, stay tuned this week for Ocean Beach through the eyes of a seven-year-old.  Talk to you soon!

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