ocean beach through a child’s eyes

‘Sup Yo! I hope you had a super fantastic week! I’m still holding onto our vacation and mourning the end of Ocean Beach 2014, so I thank you for your patience if you’re totally over it already.  I brought our nice camera on the trip, and had the point-and-shoot for back-ups, but that turned out to be our niece’s camera while we were there.  Cute story: I was taking photos during a walk on our first night of the trip, and Hayden asked if we could pretend to be photographers.  I handed her the extra camera and told her, “Here you go, now you ARE a photographer.  We don’t need to pretend.” She didn’t quite get it, and commented that it was fun to make believe we were photographers.  “No, honey,” I told her, “we are taking photos, so that makes us photographers.  Anyone who takes pictures is a photographer, we don’t have to pretend because we have cameras.” Imagine her sweet little face lighting up with a huge smile.  Too hard? Here is a photo of the adorable pint-sized real life photographer:

Kid Photographer Ocean Beach

And guys? She is an AMAZING photographer.  Obviously, there are miles of technical things that she can learn-of course, I need to learn so much for myself.  But her eye for detail? You can’t teach that.  I didn’t edit these photos other than a quick auto-adjust on a few of them for exposure (because, let’s be real: even adult, professional photographers edit their photos and I’m not going to leave the girl without the luxury of quick editing at the very least-plus, it’s kind of a crappy camera).  But I didn’t do anything else, so what you see is what you get-straight from the eyes of a(n almost) seven-year-old.

Birds Over Ocean Beach

Rocky Cliff Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Seashells

Water Ocean Beach

little punk kept bragging that she was getting more splash where she was standing than me! and it’s true-she was… ended up moving closer to her so I could get a decent shot too.  hers is better though…

Ocean Beach Fisherman

 hayden cracked up that this man was fishing from the shore.  it’s easy to forget what seems strange at that age

Kid's View Ocean Beach Sunset

Ocean Beach Ocean Apartments

wish I could claim this one-but nope.  came from a seven-year-old.

Ocean Beach Palms

going through her pictures, I could appreciate what she was going for in her shots-look at those trees!

Amy in Ocean Beach

Palm Tree Sun Flare Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Fat Cat

this was the only photo I cropped-only because I could tell what her focus was and she was so panned out you could barely tell there was a cat in the original

Ocean Beach Staircase

Ocean Beach Apartments

this complex was right next door to us

Ocean Beach Cliffside Apartments

Ocean Beach Sun Rays

the cheapie camera gets the best solar flares

Ocean Beach Succulent Garden

Ocean Beach

Cliffside Sunset Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Pier

ocean beach has the longest pier in san diego, and I didn’t get many shots of it-but Hayden did!

Ocean Beach Boardwalk

Ocean Beach Sunset Splash

damn kid and her splashy water-so jealous!

Sunset Silhouette Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Graffiti

at least 20 of her shots were of the graffiti on this staircase

Cliff Side Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Kid Photographer

Isn’t she cute? Freaking love her!! I was watching for cars in this photo, so no need for a scolding, OK? 😉 She saw me taking pictures while standing in the middle of the road, and just had to give it a whirl (they were SO blurry or I’d have shared them!) But seriously, guys? She is probably a better photographer than I am, and she’s only little still.  What the hell?

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5 Responses to ocean beach through a child’s eyes

  1. Shan says:

    These are amazing! My favorite are of the piers. She is lucky to have an Aunt to encourage her.

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