diy travel smash book kits

Hey buddy! How the heck are ya? I’m just freaking fantastic! No, really! It’s been a little busy, but in a totally good way.  I’m making progress on some goals, been spending time with the family, and I’m doing my best to enjoy this sweltering summer.  My sister, her Mr. and their five kids left for a vacation across the country the other day. They’ve been out-of-their-minds excited to go on this trip for so long that I really wanted to give the older kids a fun and easy way to document their memories.

DIY Travel Smash Book Kits

I came up with travel smash book kits that fit inside pencil boxes.  Oh, I know the way to a little girl’s heart: lots of pink, something crafty, stickers and above all, lots of pretty.  They were inexpensive, fun to make and super easy to throw together.  Plus, they fit easily in the girls’ carry-on bags, and will hopefully give them something to do on the long plane ride home.  Add a disposable camera, and you’ve got yourself a perfect little way for them to create a truly personal keepsake of a totally unforgettable event.

I didn’t get many pictures, because I wasn’t feeling well when I threw them together.  Totally sorry! But here are the supplies I got for each kit:

  1. small smash book with hard cover (clearance @ Michael’s craft store scored me these for $3 a pop)
  2. extra scrapbook paper to add to the inside
  3. hole punch for the added paper
  4. colored pens
  5. assorted stickers, pockets, frames, etc
  6. archival glue stick
  7. washi tape
  8. paper clips
  9. smash book pocket pages (they come in assortment packs)
  10. pencil case
  11. alphabet stickers

The only prep I did was punching holes in the extra scrap paper to add inside the books, and separating the packs of pocket pages so each girl had something age-appropriate (some of them were slips to fill in the blanks and the youngest isn’t quite ready for that yet).  I secured those with a rubber band and then fit everything into the pencil case before adding each niece’s name to the front of the case with alphabet stickers.  Easy, right? Perfect project on a sick day!

Personalized Smash Book Travel Kit

Ugh, that picture grosses me out! Anyway, I hope the girls have fun making their smash books and preserving their memories.  They were so excited to get these kits, I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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