westgate city center

Westgate Sign and Fountain

Happy Monday.  Said no one ever.  But nevertheless, it’s that dreaded day again and I hope it’s a good one for you.  Man, what a weekend.  It wore me out to say the least.  We had a lot of fun too, though.  One of our better moments was going to Westgate in Glendale.  We met up with Joe’s sister and her man, and started out at The Shout! House.  SO.MUCH.FUN.  It’s one of my favorite places and we always tend to end up there when we get out that way.

Westgate Shout House

Dueling pianos, audience interaction, and then there’s this:

Westgate Shout! House Bartenders

Bartenders hopping up on the bar to dance? I’m game 😉 After jamming to the pretty fantastic piano players/singers, we headed to somewhere a little more laid back and quiet. Cue Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville:

Westgate Margaritaville

Boats as dining booths, a DJ, bar food and just a really chill environment.  Sorry, didn’t get many pictures in this place.  But the plane hanging from the ceiling caught my eye.  We wandered around the courtyard for a bit, which is a great spot to hang out with the family.  They have a splash pad for the kiddos, live music, and space to pop out a lawn chair and cooler.

Westgate Courtyard


Westgate Live Band

This place is about to get a lot more happening since the Superbowl will be at Cardinals stadium this year, which is right next door.  There’s so much in this area, from an outlet mall, Cabelas, the Arizona Coyotes hockey rink, plus lots of shopping and restaurants to go broke at.  It’s not super close to us, but it’s not too far either.  We make it out there at least a few times a year and it’s always a good time.  We’re all super excited about football season, too, so I’m sure we’ll make it out a couple more times before the final game.

I need to get this week started, so I’m out of here for now.  Here’s a final shot from our night.  Cheers!

Westgate Susie and Amy

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