camping on the rim…

Hi! How are YOU? Dang, it’s been so long! I mean, aside from my Wandering Eye Wednesday posts… I hope you’ll forgive me, we’ve been getting ready for a camping trip.  With a puppy.  Which is like going camping with a toddler, really.  But seriously, Jones did SO GOOD! He stayed close and kept the barking to a minimum.  I mean, he did a quick bark with every noise, but wasn’t incessant, so we’ll take it. The weather was warmer than we expected, but cooler in the night than I had hoped.  Does that make sense? I’m a little fuzzy after the four-day excursion, and working this week while missing our poopy puppy took a lot of effort.  He ate like, so much forest.  So.Much.Forest.  And of course payed for it the day after, but hell, we were all hungover at some point during the trip, so it’s to be expected, right?

Jones in the Grass August 2014

Oh, man.  This face.  This freaking face.  I couldn’t get enough of him.  Honestly.  He wouldn’t leave my side while hiking, he stayed within range of the camp, he soaked up every ray of sunshine and belly rub he could possibly get and he just had so much fun.

Amy Camping August 2014

So did I.  Being a non-meat eater, I was kind of controlling with the menu planning, which meant that I cooked for the group a lot.  I didn’t mind, since it gave me something to do, you know? And on the last dinner of the trip, I got kicked out of the “kitchen.”  Thanks to my sister and best friend for being such great sous chefs 🙂 We had hot dogs/grilled cheese, burgers (real and veggie), steak and salmon.  The camping basics!

This was a longer trip than we are use to.  I realized I’m a two-night-max kind of girl, but wouldn’t trade our time together for anything.  There were three couples, and we got along famously, even though we’d never camped together before.  That’s magic, I think.

Here is the photo load:

Joe Hiking Camping August 2014

Cold Camping Beer August 2014

cold camp beer… it tastes so much better up here

Men Hiking August 2014

Campfire August 2014

Potato Packets August 2014

of course we did potato packets! here’s the loosey-goose recipe.  they are truly the best when you wing it! and  they’re the easiest, most tasty side dish for a campfire meal, in my opinion… the comments that followed after dinner were “nothing like a gourmet meal when we’re camping!” LOVE potato packets!

Dutch Oven Steak August 2014

we bought our first dutch oven for this trip, because there were six people going and we wanted something big enough to cook in for everyone.  we really liked not having to clean the oven with soap afterwards, and it worked pretty well.  almost TOO well, since it boiled the steak.  we’ve got some things to learn, but to save the meal, we seared the meat in a cast iron skillet afterwards.

Jones Hiking August 2014

another picture where you can see how much jones loved camping… he was a little disappointed when we got home, to be honest! it didn’t help that we spent so much time together and then bailed for work the next day.

Trees Camping August 2014

Amy Camping August 2014

I hope you had a great week and have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be sharing some tips on taking a dog camping soon.  It’s crazy how I had to piece together info from all over the net to get everything I was looking for! Talk to you soon!

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