crazy ass weekend

Ug. I’m tired. A little grumpy. Tired. This last weekend was a whirlwind of activities, and seriously, I have to ask.  Have you ever done so much and still accomplished so little? What I mean is, so this: Friday night our niece stayed over (PS: toddler + puppy = 2 toddlers and/or 2 puppies AT.THE.SAME.TIME. Whoa.). We went shopping, baked a cake, had dinner, played games, played games with the puppy, colored, modeled with high heels, trained the puppy together, cleaned the studio, set up a Pack and Play, tore that down, set up a roll-a-way bed, watched Frozen (can’t stand the singing in Frozen, because really?) and then refilled a sippy cup/made potty trips several times while simultaneously begging to go to sleep and jumping on the roll-a-way bed (me and said toddler, respectively).  Total exhaustion.  And then I got up early Saturday morning to work on a piñata for my sister and brother-in-law’s gender reveal party set to happen on Sunday afternoon.  Toddler wakes, breakfast commences, then dressing, playing, cartoon-watching (which, it must be said: cartoons are freaking weird these days), and the long ass drive to go drop toddler off, with puppy in tow, while worrying about said puppy in the front seat who accomplished not puking.  Because puppy gets car sickness.  Oh, yes. Yes, he does.  So then we meet at designated spot and must wait for quite a while because traffic and construction detoured toddler’s mommy, and so then it was toddler-pretend-to-drive-time-and-stand-up-on-console-with-head-out-the-moonroof-laughing-hysterically-then-let’s-do-hair-time. Drive long ass way back, then work on piñata some more, take a break and then clean up puppy chewed piñata off the floor while cursing puppy and myself for leaving piñata out for puppy to get.  Do you see where I’m going with this? It was a long ass weekend, and I’m sorry for saying the word ass so many times, but dang. After all that nonsense Saturday, then we went to Joe’s company banquet, which was a silly fun time!

Joe and Amy Laughing September 2014

We didn’t get home until almost midnight.  And then I was up at five.  Yea.  It sucked.  But I still had some more piñata to work on, and we had to be at Joe’s parent’s house by 10 for the Cardinals football game/brunch.  Oh, and I had to decorate the cake miss toddler and I made Friday night.  Check it:

Question Mark Piñata September 2014

Gender Reveal Party Cake September 2014

Yea.  Don’t trust a drunk guy to take a selfie.  That’s all I’m saying.  Also, this: stick to your talents.  I’m not a piñata or a cake maker.  and I wasn’t pleased with either outcome.  But I did it.  And so much more.  So.  My original question: Have you even done so much and still accomplished so little? Because we did A LOT this weekend, and yet, the house is a mess, the refrigerator is empty, the garden is full of weeds, the dog stinks, my portfolio isn’t updated.  BUT.  There was a toddler sleepover full of snuggles and eskimo kisses, puppy socializing, a fun company banquet, a couple crafts, a fantastic football game brunch, some quality time spent with my sister, a super fun family party full of laughter and tears.  So much love and fun and life.  Plus this blog post to boot! And so little time spent on the dishes. I think I’m OK with that.  Yep.  For sure.  A-OK.  Happy Monday, guys.  If you know of a good maid/landscaper/dog groomer/pep-talker, send them my way! ‘Cause I’m going to enjoy the good life a little bit longer…

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