jones at six months

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I got hit with the snot plague, and so therefore was glued to the couch for the entire day on Saturday.  So much for my October agenda… but I woke up feeling motivated (albeit still congested) on Sunday, and got a lot of computer work done.  The weather here is cooling off a little, which means it’s at least comfortable for the most part.  I got some photos of Jones and thought I’d pull a normal mommy move and post a six-month update on my sweet little fur baby.  Indulge me, OK? I promise I won’t subject you to another Jones post for a while… at least not until he’s a year old 😉

Jones, cattle dog pit bull puppy

Cattle dog pitbull puppy, six months

Jones at six months:

  • knows the commands “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “leave it,” “drop it,” “let’s go,” “wait.” He’s still working on “heel.”
  • loves, loves, loves his bones and his toys
  • goes for two walks a day, and gets SO excited for them
  • has one more puppy training class to go, and has a buddy named Rico there, a boxer puppy
  • loves to play tug-of-war and is stronger than me so has to “drop it” in order for me to win
  • is getting use to being outside alone, but usually sits by the door and cries
  • thinks my belly rubs are the BEST, because they really are
  • loves all people and dogs, and is determined that they will all love him

Cattle dog pit bull mix puppy

Cattle dog pit bull mix

Cattle dog pit bull mix

That is all 😉 I hope you have a fantastic Monday!

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4 Responses to jones at six months

  1. Beth says:

    Oh don’t make us wait 6 months for another Jones post!

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