wandering eye wednesday year in review: 2014

I hope your almost-full-week of the year has been superb.  Or at least good.  So, check it:  the first Wednesday of 2015! I’m not really good at the dismount on these things, especially since it’s my first Wandering Eye Wednesday yearly review.  So bear with me, if you would, please?

Uhm… Daht-ta-da-daaah! I give you: Wandering Eye Wednesday Year in Review: 2014. (what do you think? too much?)

Swimming with turtles in Maui

California Flower Getty Museum

Happy Mushrooms

Carnival Chaos

Grand Canyon 2011

Christmas Lights 2013

Sunset Grand Canyon 2011

Colorado Headstone 2011

AZ Sister Cities Lanterns

Smallest Ice Crystals

Winter Seed Pod

Dr Seuss Flower

London Bridge Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Sunset

Lake Havasu Nissan Z Moment

Cactus Flower 2010

Stool Silhouette June 2014

Tap Haus Light

Flag At the Top

wandering eye wednesday: week twenty-seven

Ocean Beach Succulents

Ocean Beach Silhouette

Picket Fence

Ocean Beach Street

Ocean Beach Flower Bed

Weber Mine

Baby Feet and Hands

Phoenix Rainbow August 2014

Barbed Wire Fence August 2014

Rustlers Roost Fence View

Rustlers Roost Fence View Dark

Mexican Ladder Rustlers Roost

Jones Closeup, dog closeup, macro photography


Wandering Eye Wednesday Detroit Lions Hat with Orange Sunglasses

Wandering Eye Wednesday Oktoberfest Rides October 2014

Wandering Eye Wednesday Jerome, Arizona Blown Glass

Getty Museum Succulent Plant Wandering Eye Wednesday

Sunset Wandering Eye Wednesday

Colorado 2012 Little Winter Fishermen

Scottsdale Princess November 2014

Joe Silhouette Wandering Eye Wednesday

Wandering Eye Wednesday Mogollon Rim Sunset

Wandering Eye Wednesday Cattle Dog Pit Bull Mix Fireside

Wandering Eye Wednesday Ray of Light on Cactus

Wandering Eye Wednesday Feather

Hopefully your web browser didn’t crash with all the images in this post.  I’ve noticed some things by putting all of these pictures together, and definitely picked a few favorites.  Which one(s) do you like the most? Think you could pick mine? Go ahead, give ‘er a go!

I’m looking forward to 2015 Wandering Eye Wednesdays, and hope you continue to enjoy them as much as I love sharing them! Until next time 🙂

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