just a quickie: our weekend in pictures

So I’m sitting here at the computer, listening to Joe’s music coming from the back of the house, the TV broadcasting “How It’s Made” (because Joe keeps coming out and staring at it for a minute before wandering back to his music, which is kind of annoying since I don’t like this show, but sort of cute because guys are so weird), my wine glass almost empty, my muscles aching and Jones snoring away with his eyes half-open aimed at me and creeping me out really, the doors open and the rain-filled air seeping in slowly.  I realize that was the longest sentence, like, ever.  My high school English teacher would have marked that all up in red. BUT.  This weekend was anything except long and I’m bummed it’s already over.  How was yours? Run-on sentence long? Or just plain ol’ short like mine?

It went by fast, but was really pretty fantastic, and so I can’t quite complain about this weekend other than it ended too soon.  We babysat Friday night, which abruptly ended Saturday morning with “My tummy hurts” and a quick second later with Joe and I scrambling to clean up/contain the mess.  Once our sweet sick girl was delivered home, I got a little Magic Eraser itch, and just like that, our kitchen counters, sinks and cabinets went from dingy and splattered to sparkling white.  Have you ever used a Magic Eraser? Holy man.  If you try them, fair warning: don’t think you’re just going to wipe something up “real quick.”  We squeezed in some football, a nice dinner out with friends we haven’t seen in a while, some more deep cleaning and a trip to the dog park, followed by a “puppy bath.” Uhm, yea.  Puppy baths are a pain in the ass, and I end up covered in hair and shampoo while the dog ends up half-cleaned and hysterically wrestling me for the dry towel.  I’m not sure how I feel about puppy baths, if I’m honest.  But Jones is half-clean, house is pretty clean, I’m exhausted, hubby is currently standing in front of “How It’s Made” and I’m just about ready to throw some pictures at you before logging off and collapsing on the couch.  It’s a good life and I refuse to complain.  Except about short weekends.  I will absolutely complain about those… And now, pictures:

Hanging Knife Magnets Inside Cabinet Doors

these knife magnets were on sale last week and we’ve been wanting to move the knife blocks off the counters.  we opted to put them on the inside of our upper cabinets to get them out of the way and prevent any more visual clutter in our tiny kitchen.  

Knives Hung Inside Cabinet Door

we have far too many knives, but joe is sort of obsessed, so it took three knife magnets to hold our metal knives (ceramic ones are in a drawer in foam holders)

Handmade Sharpie Mug Christmas Present

our nephew made us each a personalized mug for christmas, and we’ve been using them a lot now! this is our last candy cane from the holidays

Salmon Cake Breakfast with Tomatoes and Avocado

in an effort not to waste so much food, i created these salmon cakes with canned salmon, leftover beans and rice, seasonings, avocado and tomato with tapatio (mmmm!)

Jones Cattle Dog Pit Bull Mix

jones is pretty much an attention whore.  i’ve recently introduced him to the dog park and he spends equal amounts of time playing with the other dogs as he does soliciting belly rubs from strangers.

Tie Die Phoenix Sky January 2015

pretty sure i damaged my retinas getting this shot… and it didn’t do the sky any justice…

Jones Napping Nine Months

at least one of us got a nap today…

I hope your weekend was amazing, and that your not as bummed as I am over Sunday nights.  Until next time, cheers!

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