they say it’s your birthday

Hey you guys!!! How’s your Sunday coming along? I’ve been busy spoiling a certain little fur ball.

Cattle Dog Mix

Can you believe this goofy little fur face is already a year old?! Having a dog has changed my life in seriously countless ways, holy mama. It’s SO much more work in my already chaotic life. Consequently, Jones brings equally as much love, affection, activity, joy, humor and energy to my days – I truly can’t imagine our life without him now! He is just plain happy-go-lucky, super silly and crazy smart. You guys, he’s so damn smart. And I totally feel like one of those people when I say it, because everyone thinks their baby is the smartest, whether they’re covered in fur or not, amIright?

Cattle Dog Mix

Seriously, though, this nugget knows some stuff. He’s got the basics, like sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, drop it, come, no, OK and surely others that I can’t think of right now.  He can walk off-leash without running off, he’s learned how to shake, is working on high-five and loves to roll over. I’m dying to teach him to skateboard, and I’m working on putting him to work picking up weeds and yard clippings, bringing me the hose, and wiping up spills. I’ve heard stories, so I swear that it’s a thing to teach your dogs this stuff!

This boy is usually one step ahead of me at all times. It’s totally like, “OK human, so you’re wearing your heels and just grabbed the remote? Better get to the kennel .” Or, “ Your tennis shoes are on and your heading to the front door? It’s party time at the dog park or around the neighborhood – sit just by the door, wiggle my booty and wait.” And about the dog park? Jones is such a little lover, walking up to every human and 4-legger alike, greeting or sniffing, playing with the big guys and letting the little guys hang all over him. He sure knows how to make a dog mom proud, let me tell you.

Cattle Dog Mix

Obviously, he’s not perfect. He’s super-active, he doesn’t take subtle hints on leaving anyone alone. Of course everyone wants to be his friend –they just don’t know it yet. I’ve watched dogs nearly bite his face off, and he goes back for more trying to make a playmate. He adores kids, regardless of whether they like him or not. He has never met a stranger, and can almost be guaranteed to demand belly rubs if you stop to pet him, or steal kisses if you get close enough. He’s a total lover.

Cattle Dog Mix

Jones loves “helping” me garden by eating all the weeds I pick (check him out helping, here). I am determined to teach him to actually be helpful and not just a source of entertainment/pain in the ass when I’m trying to get work done. He can’t pass up a beautiful patch of grass without rolling in it. It’s sort of a problem. Being outside is his bag. He is a heavy chewer and goes through bones like a kid burns through sugar (check it here). He loves to play by gnawing on your feet (herding dog and all) and plays hide-and-go seek like a pro. He is a tug master, and it’s probably pretty disappointing that we limit games of tug with him. He’s strong as hell, loves to run short distances and is just a little nut, I swear.

Jones Sleeping

remember this little nugget?

Jones is everything we wanted in a puppy. He doesn’t go crazy barking, doesn’t destroy anything, learns fast and loves everyone. He makes me incredibly happy and I’m so grateful I finally convinced Joe we needed a dog.  Since he’s a rescue pup, we don’t know when his actual birthday is.  We’ll acknowledge it yearly on the date we brought him home.    I’m pretty sure he’s a year now though, and so I’d just like to say…

Happy birthday, Jonesie.

Jones Tongue

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3 Responses to they say it’s your birthday

  1. randi cutler says:

    Happy Bday Jonesie!!! We are all so happy that you have the most incredible furever home!!! Love you always! Randi, Ben, Sam, Nash, and Cholla

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