spring break in LA – 2015 style

Oh, HEEEEeeey! How’s your weekend turning out? Per usual, we’ve had a lovely fun-filled, whirlwind weekend! Date night, the JDRF walk for work (with Jones in attendance – rocking his first charity walk/restaurant brunch ever!!), gardening, chores, family time, friend time, the WORKS.  Cause that’s how we DO. haha!

So remember that time I use to blog regularly? Oh, yea, and when I went to LA for spring break and built you guys all up for photos and then left you hanging like a gypsy beard? Pfft.  I know, I can be such a s*#t.  Sorry ’bout that.  Here is the first installment of photos from that trip! (see? I always come through – eventually!)

Catalina Island Sky California Spring Break 2015

Hills of Catalina Island California Spring Break 2015

Two Harbors Catalina Island California

Two Harbors Catalina Island California

Hills of Catalina Island California

So much blue, right? I know, doesn’t look like Los Angeles… Our first full day in southern California was spent on Catalina Island, Two Harbors end, exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  We spent the entire day hiking, and then found ourselves beachside to enjoy the gorgeous harbor, crashing waves and shell jackpot.  I always tell people I’m going to LA, and the general response is “why?!?” As if it’s a terrible place for spring break! I think people assume that it’s all city: steel and concrete, crime and expense.  But whenever I go, the trip always revolves around nature.  Los Angeles is a beautiful place, skyscrapers and all.   In fact, even downtown has some gorgeous green spaces.

On a Cliff Catalina Island California

Green Hills Catalina Island California

Cactus of Catalina Island California

Boat in Two Harbors Catalina Island California

Obviously, this isn’t downtown LA.  We’d never been to Catalina Island.  We chose Two Harbors over the Avalon side because we had a four-legger in tow.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the strenuousness of the hiking, but we were on a mission to find the buffalo that apparently run wild on this side of the island. The hiking and secluded nature of this part of the island made bringing a dog with us very easy.  We didn’t spot any buffalo, but we enjoyed the weather and sea breeze.

Catalina Island Trail California

Two Harbors Catalina Island

Horizon of Catalina Island California

The water surrounding Catalina Island is straight gorgeous.  It’s this crystal blue that pictures can do no justice to.  Frigid cold, too! But we dipped our toes in after the long day of getting up the hills, and it was definitely refreshing.

Two Harbors Catalina Island

I have a couple more posts coming with more pictures of our other adventures.  In the meantime, I’m going to reminisce over these shots, and finish up the weekend with my two boys.  I hope you have a great week, I’ll check in soon!

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