spring break in LA – 2015 style 3.0

Catalina Island Twin Harbors Grass and Mountains‘Ello Gov’nar. How’s your Saturday turning out? I’m trying to get pumped for this month, since it seems May is going to be utter chaos around here (but in a totally good way, truly!).  It’ll just be SO busy and I’m getting mentally prepared.  Which brings out the silly in me – hence the faux British accent, right? But really, now.  Their way of speaking is incredibly cute and enviable.  Way better than the Phoenix accent, in my opinion…

Catalina Island Port LA California

So! I’m getting through the editing on my LA trip, and I think I’ll have a small post left after this before we’re through.  Hope you don’t mind? Here’s what I have so far (in no logical order, so be warned!)…

Catalina Island Twin Harbors March 2015

Catalina Island Sunset Twin Harbors Side

Twin Harbors Avalon Harbor Side

Catalina Island Avalon Harbor

The Avalon side of the island.  We chose the Twin Harbors side, but this is beautiful, right?

Ferry to Catalina Island Twin Harbors

Catalina Island Twin Harbor Side

Catalina Island Twin Harbor Side

Seashells Catalina Island

Catalina Island March 2015

LA California Shitzu USC Dog Sweater

I’m pooped, too, Daphne.  It’s time to go, but I hope you enjoyed this installment of LA 2015.  Fingers crossed I have the stamina after the weekend to gather every last bit of my pictures to share.  Cheers, then!

I hope you have a great weekend, everyone! Much love and light, xoxo

pssst! the original post and 2.0

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3 Responses to spring break in LA – 2015 style 3.0

  1. Dyaln says:

    Amy! I love seeing my new home through your eyes. You are able to capture perspectives I don’t see, so I see home in a new way. I love it! I adore the picture of Daphne sleeping after on long day on Catalina Island. It will always be a photo I will cherish. I also love seeing the picture of the refinery in San Pedro. People are probably unaware due to the conservative media bias that there is no heavy industry in SoCal when there is more heavy industry here than nearly anywhere else, with the ports, oil, transportation of goods, warehousing goods, construction galore, etc. There is so much economic activity going on everywhere. So much everybody wants to live here, thereby increasing the unemployment rate, since many people move to California before they prepared themselves properly.

    • amy says:

      Dylan! I’m so glad I can do it justice! This place is my Utopia. LA has my heart. I am so lucky to have a home base there 🙂

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