wandering eye wednesday: week seventeen/2

Hey there! How’s your week going? I’m in a bit of a hurry, so this will be a quick one.  I took this photo while doing a family shoot recently.  I couldn’t resist the little ducklings and their parents!! They move quick, and most of the shots were slightly blurry.  I was able to sharpen this one some, and then cropped it quite a bit for the “after.”  I applied the “Tranquil” overlay in PicMonkey at 75% (it’s my favorite, even if the results are subtle!).

Wandering Eye Wednesday Ducks May 2015

It was such a drastic change, I thought I’d include the original for reference:

Wandering Eye Wednesday Ducks May 2015

Which do you prefer? Definitely let me know!

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One Response to wandering eye wednesday: week seventeen/2

  1. I like the edited one. 😊

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