ocean beach 2015

Happy weekend, people! Hope you have some lovely things happening.  We are busy, busy, busy, as always.  All good things, though, so I’m not about to complain. I’m looking forward to seeing my new chunk of a niece this afternoon, she’s two months old now and I’ve hardly had a moment to get to know her!

So our trip to Ocean Beach did not disappoint this year! We brought Jones for his first beach experience, and boy, was it.  It was good, bad, ugly, and mostly just good.  He really impressed us with his skills under pressure, surprised us with his fears while overstimulated, shocked us with his bravery in the water and definitely got more love and belly rubs that he ever imagined possible.  His first time swimming was incredible, and I had no clue it was possible to drink/vomit so much saltwater in one hour.  So many things learned by all.

When we weren’t working our butts off with the pup, we had a great time under cloudy skies the whole weekend.  It was wonderful to not be frying in Phoenix for the 4th, and we really enjoyed showing off the town we love to newbies.  Our beach house this year was perfect for what we needed.  It was a much needed break, and we were so relieved to get away for a little bit. So, here she is – OCEAN BEACH!!!

Surfboards Ocean Beach 2015

Ocean Beach July 4th 2015

Ocean Beach Sunset Cliffs July 2015

Ocean Beach Keyhole Sunset Cliffs July 2015

Sand Dog Ocean Beach July 2015

Jones Cattle Dog Mix Ocean Beach July 2015

California Poppies Ocean Beach July 2015

Flowered Tree Ocean Beach July 2015

Pineapple Plant Ocean Beach July 2015

Succulents Ocean Beach July 2015

Sea Bird Ocean Beach July 2015

Seagull Ocean Beach July 2015

Glow in the Dark Ocean Beach July 2015

Fireworks Ocean Beach July 2015

Street Art Ocean Beach July 2015

Thank you again, Ocean Beach! Check out our 2014 visit here, here, and here.  And here for 2013.

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