inexpensive, homemade housewarming gifts

Homemade Housewarming Gifts

Happy Monday! Is there such a thing? Bleck.  Freaking hate Mondays.  But you know that by now, right?

So do you remember how crazy busy our May was? I had two housewarming parties, a niece’s birth, birthday parties, chaos and disarray.  And a hellofalota fun.  To add to the madness, I decided the best thing to do was craft homemade housewarming gifts.  Because I’m me.  Hello, welcome to Crazy Town, buckle your belt and enjoy the ride, right?

They turned out great, they were super easy and cheap and the new homeowners loved them! Here is gift #1:

Housewarming Gift Handmade Towels with Food Puns

I Googled “food puns” and got a couple super fun ones (“A Salt With A Deadly Weapon” and a pine tree and apple telling a pineapple “You’re Adopted”).  I printed those out on transfer paper, bought some cheap tea towels and went to town with the iron to create one-of-a-kind gifts for some fun friends.  I gathered those in a bucket with their favorite cheap bottle of booze, threw in a Home Depot gift card for good measure and WA-BAM! They loved it.  You could skip all the hoopla and just do the tea towels and your new homeowners would still think they were pretty fantastic, I promise!

Housewarming Gift 2 May 2-15

For our second party, I got a little more creative and put together a wreath, cause those are my favorite anyway.  SO easy and super inexpensive, I promise! The wreath supplies were less than $15 and the succulents were like, $6? I think.  Probably depends how available those dudes are where you live.

Wreath Housewarming Gift

I wrote “Welcome to our Home” on the terra-cotta pots.  I almost wanted to keep this sucker for myself.

Wreath Housewarming Gift

It’s easy to make something thoughtful and worth keeping when you put a little thought into it! Let me know if you have any questions or need directions!

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