end of summer grumpies

YO.  How YOU doin’? Me? Yea. I’m grumpy.  End-of-summer-in-Phoenix-tired-of-100-plus-degree-heat-and-not-the-dry-kind sort of grumpy.  Over. It. Traffic makes me grumpy.  Seeing trash on the side of the road? Super grumpy.  Social media rants + totally uninformative news broadcasts + political propaganda = lose my mind kind of grumpy right now. Work makes me grumpy.  My 108th phone call of the day? Beyond grumpy.  Having to do chores? g-r-r-r-r-u-m-p-y. Walking the dog and seeing other people not clean up after their pet? Twitch-worthy grumpy. Husband’s TV show is too loud grumpy.  Sweating at 7:30 in the morning grumpy. Being grumpy makes me grumpy.  It’s beyond ridiculous.

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It’s not just me.  I saw a legitimate road-rage incident today on the way home from work. Dude got out of his car, swaggered over to the car behind him, leaned into the driver’s side window and wagged his finger, stomped his foot, said a few choice words, flipped the other driver off and walked away all Billy Bad Ass back to his car.  Yeah, surely that helped matters, right? I can’t blame him. He’s grumpy, too.  (I don’t excuse him, though – cause really, let’s keep the grumpy under control, OK?)


Did you know that higher temperatures directly correspond to inflamed tempers? Don’t believe me? Check it here. It’s true, you guys.

I read an article today about a place in the Middle East that has a high of 130 degrees with 100% humidity.  Are you freaking kidding me? I’d self-destruct in those conditions.

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I know I’m blessed.  I’m grateful for all that I have to make my life comfortable (air conditioning, running water, refrigerators, etc).  I get how absurd I must sound to other people around the world.  And knowing I’m absurd makes me grumpy, too.

unsplash.com pictureI hope you’re having a better time than me.  My comfort is knowing that the days of summer are numbered.  I’ll try to contain my grumpy until cooler weather hits. Wish me luck.

<all photos courtesy of Unsplash, which shares totally free high resolution photos with no strings attached.  check them out, it’s pretty fantastic.  they DON’T make me grumpy.>

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