wandering eye wednesday: week eighteen/2

Psssst! Over here for a minute! I am sneaking by to throw up this photo and bounce out, stealth-mode style.  Because I’m sleepy.  Because life is chaos right now.  Because my entire family decided to move/have babies/buy houses/get married/have birthdays/do every damn thing right this minute.  They’re exhausting.  And I’m happy for them 🙂

Anyhow.  Here’s what I came up with this week, after searching for an incredibly frustratingly long ass time for a chord to my external hard drive.  Which never turned up.  (Is frustratingly a word?) This guy took some work, but it’s one of the few left on my computer I haven’t showcased.  I think it’s tolerable.  What do you think?

Wandering Eye Wednesday Forest Trinkets

I edited in PicMonkey for exposure, cropping, color and sharpness.  It reminds me of a little fairy garden on the forest floor…

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wandering eye wednesday: week seventeen/2

Hey there! How’s your week going? I’m in a bit of a hurry, so this will be a quick one.  I took this photo while doing a family shoot recently.  I couldn’t resist the little ducklings and their parents!! They move quick, and most of the shots were slightly blurry.  I was able to sharpen this one some, and then cropped it quite a bit for the “after.”  I applied the “Tranquil” overlay in PicMonkey at 75% (it’s my favorite, even if the results are subtle!).

Wandering Eye Wednesday Ducks May 2015

It was such a drastic change, I thought I’d include the original for reference:

Wandering Eye Wednesday Ducks May 2015

Which do you prefer? Definitely let me know!

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spring break in LA – 2015 style 3.0

Catalina Island Twin Harbors Grass and Mountains‘Ello Gov’nar. How’s your Saturday turning out? I’m trying to get pumped for this month, since it seems May is going to be utter chaos around here (but in a totally good way, truly!).  It’ll just be SO busy and I’m getting mentally prepared.  Which brings out the silly in me – hence the faux British accent, right? But really, now.  Their way of speaking is incredibly cute and enviable.  Way better than the Phoenix accent, in my opinion…

Catalina Island Port LA California

So! I’m getting through the editing on my LA trip, and I think I’ll have a small post left after this before we’re through.  Hope you don’t mind? Here’s what I have so far (in no logical order, so be warned!)…

Catalina Island Twin Harbors March 2015

Catalina Island Sunset Twin Harbors Side

Twin Harbors Avalon Harbor Side

Catalina Island Avalon Harbor

The Avalon side of the island.  We chose the Twin Harbors side, but this is beautiful, right?

Ferry to Catalina Island Twin Harbors

Catalina Island Twin Harbor Side

Catalina Island Twin Harbor Side

Seashells Catalina Island

Catalina Island March 2015

LA California Shitzu USC Dog Sweater

I’m pooped, too, Daphne.  It’s time to go, but I hope you enjoyed this installment of LA 2015.  Fingers crossed I have the stamina after the weekend to gather every last bit of my pictures to share.  Cheers, then!

I hope you have a great weekend, everyone! Much love and light, xoxo

pssst! the original post and 2.0

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wandering eye wednesday: week sixteen/2

Echo Park LA California

Happy Wednesday! How is your week turning out so far? I’m looking forward to Friday like a kid looks forward to summer break, and for no other reason than I’m just ready for it, you know?

This picture was another iPhone shot during Spring Break this year (check it here and here).  In the Echo Park area, there are all these beautiful older homes, and walls made from all sorts of materials, with random plants growing out of them.  I appreciate the tenacity of this sort of free-growing life, I’m awed by these living things that thrive despite all that we’ve done to interfere.  And the textures! Oh! Don’t get me started.  I edited this photo with PicMonkey, increasing the saturation just slightly, cropping and sharpening it a bit.  What are your thoughts?

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mondays make me sad…

Mondays Make Me Sad

Me too, buddy…

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spring break in LA – 2015 style 2.0


Hey you GUY-EYES! How’s your weekend starting out? It’s Friday night as I type this, and I’ve got a relaxed weekend ahead of me, the dog is pouting behind, that husband guy is in bed, my sister just left after craft night and Modern Family is on in the background.  I’m looking forward to coffee with my other sis and lunch with some nieces tomorrow, the air smells like rain, and I’m pretty damn lucky.  You ever get like that? Where it just hits you that you are so lucky for this life?

Speaking of, here’s some more pictures from my last trip to LA.  I kind of dig that I waited so long to edit and share these, because it’s a sweet trip down memory lane for me going through them now.  As I mentioned in my last post, these were all shot with the iPhone, and edited with PicMonkey, so they aren’t anything fancy.  But I love them.  I hope you will enjoy them, too!

Echo Park Fountain LA California

Echo Park LA California

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Park March 2015

Santa Monica Conservancy Park LA California

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Park LA California

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Park LA California

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Park LA California

These were taken at the Santa Monica Mountain Conservatory Park.  Aren’t they gorgeous? There are so many green spaces in Southern California that totally contradict what you’d think Los Angeles is.  Just one of the reasons I love this place SO much.  I have a couple more posts coming up, thanks to my snap happiness.  Hope you don’t mind.  In the meantime, have yourself a beautiful weekend, you lucky duck, you.

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wandering eye wednesday: week fifteen/2

HAPPY EARTH DAY!! In honor of today, I bring you this:

Forest Bottom LA California

This week, we’re doing a quick photo I took with the iPhone and edited in PicMonkey (which is how we’re doing it for my next LA trip photo post, too!). I didn’t crop or adjust the color in this one, but I DID apply the “Cross Process” filter to it, adjusting the red at 80%.  I then applied the “Lomo” filter to it with the edges blurred at 0% and the fade at 75%.  I suppose if I’d edited in PS, I could have brought out more of the colors in the leaves, buuuuut… laziness wins!

I took this on a hike in LA.  Stay tuned for the next set of photos from that trip! In the meantime, I hope you’re having a fantabulous week! Do something nice for the planet today, would ya?

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wandering eye wednesday: week fourteen/2

pssst!!! It’s not Wednesday. I do not know what is happening to my sense of time these days!! But, nevertheless (isn’t that a fun word?), here’s this week’s post! Don’t stone me, ok?

Isn’t she cute??!? So this whole post, photo and all, is courtesy of my iPhone and picMonkey. I’ve not posted from my phone yet, so fingers crossed the magic works. And by courtesy, I don’t mean they paid me. But they should as much as I talk about them. Punks.

This little chick was longingly gazing out at the puppies rough housing just beyond the glass on Easter when I snuck up and snapped her picture. I switched it to black and white, sharpened it slightly, applied the “tranquil” effect at 70% and adjusted the exposure to darken the shadows as much as possible without ruining it.

I hope to get the next installment of my LA photos to you soon, so bear with me just a little bit longer, please? I hope you’re having a great week!

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spring break in LA – 2015 style

Oh, HEEEEeeey! How’s your weekend turning out? Per usual, we’ve had a lovely fun-filled, whirlwind weekend! Date night, the JDRF walk for work (with Jones in attendance – rocking his first charity walk/restaurant brunch ever!!), gardening, chores, family time, friend time, the WORKS.  Cause that’s how we DO. haha!

So remember that time I use to blog regularly? Oh, yea, and when I went to LA for spring break and built you guys all up for photos and then left you hanging like a gypsy beard? Pfft.  I know, I can be such a s*#t.  Sorry ’bout that.  Here is the first installment of photos from that trip! (see? I always come through – eventually!)

Catalina Island Sky California Spring Break 2015

Hills of Catalina Island California Spring Break 2015

Two Harbors Catalina Island California

Two Harbors Catalina Island California

Hills of Catalina Island California

So much blue, right? I know, doesn’t look like Los Angeles… Our first full day in southern California was spent on Catalina Island, Two Harbors end, exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  We spent the entire day hiking, and then found ourselves beachside to enjoy the gorgeous harbor, crashing waves and shell jackpot.  I always tell people I’m going to LA, and the general response is “why?!?” As if it’s a terrible place for spring break! I think people assume that it’s all city: steel and concrete, crime and expense.  But whenever I go, the trip always revolves around nature.  Los Angeles is a beautiful place, skyscrapers and all.   In fact, even downtown has some gorgeous green spaces.

On a Cliff Catalina Island California

Green Hills Catalina Island California

Cactus of Catalina Island California

Boat in Two Harbors Catalina Island California

Obviously, this isn’t downtown LA.  We’d never been to Catalina Island.  We chose Two Harbors over the Avalon side because we had a four-legger in tow.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the strenuousness of the hiking, but we were on a mission to find the buffalo that apparently run wild on this side of the island. The hiking and secluded nature of this part of the island made bringing a dog with us very easy.  We didn’t spot any buffalo, but we enjoyed the weather and sea breeze.

Catalina Island Trail California

Two Harbors Catalina Island

Horizon of Catalina Island California

The water surrounding Catalina Island is straight gorgeous.  It’s this crystal blue that pictures can do no justice to.  Frigid cold, too! But we dipped our toes in after the long day of getting up the hills, and it was definitely refreshing.

Two Harbors Catalina Island

I have a couple more posts coming with more pictures of our other adventures.  In the meantime, I’m going to reminisce over these shots, and finish up the weekend with my two boys.  I hope you have a great week, I’ll check in soon!

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wandering eye wednesday: week thirteen/2

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.  It’s like the Marcia of my blog universe right now, and it’s only because come hell or high water, I’m doing my weekly post.  Have you ever made a goal and then before you know it, you’re doing everything you can to sabotage it?? What IS that? Is it just me?? I am going to get my ass in gear around here, I promise I am.  I just don’t even know what the deal is.

In the meantime, this!

Wandering Eye Wednesday, Historic Car, LA, California

To be honest, I’m not real happy with this picture.  I wish the car wasn’t so blown out, and I couldn’t get any of the detail back in Photoshop.  I was walking by a home in LA when I took this, and I was trying to be all conspicuous-like, and of course I didn’t take the time to adjust any settings and so this is what I got.  It was such a good picture in my head! I adjusted the color, cropped it, applied the “Tranquil” setting in PicMonkey at 50% and sorta shrugged my shoulders, hoping it looked more old California and less whoops.  I mean, if I squint real hard, I can see what I was going for.  I wasn’t going to post it, started editing another one, went back to this one, almost deleted it, and then decided, HEY! I’m learning, I like the subject, and that’s what Wednesday posts are about! I’m throwing it out there, sneak attack style, and logging off before I change my mind!

I hope you’re having a great week! Talk at’cha soon!

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wandering eye wednesday: week twelve/2

Daphne Shitzu Chihuahua Mix

Uhm, guys? I lost a day.  I now know it’s Thursday, so yes, yes this post is late and hardly deserves to be called anything “Wednesday” but that’s just the way it rolls sometimes.  On Tuesday, I thought it was Thursday, so that’s kinda been my week I guess.

This sweet fur butt is Daphne, and she’s a doll.  She joined us on the ferry over to Catalina Island during the recent trip to LA (pictures SOON, I swear!) and she gets so much attention everywhere she goes, she thinks she’s royalty.  She handles her fans well, and that only makes her more deserving of the attention. I took this photo right off the boat, and did nothing to it.  It’s straight out of the camera, and I really like it.  I know it’s not much, but it’s one of my favorites from the trip.  Is it the texture? The lines? The pops of color? What do you think?

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they say it’s your birthday

Hey you guys!!! How’s your Sunday coming along? I’ve been busy spoiling a certain little fur ball.

Cattle Dog Mix

Can you believe this goofy little fur face is already a year old?! Having a dog has changed my life in seriously countless ways, holy mama. It’s SO much more work in my already chaotic life. Consequently, Jones brings equally as much love, affection, activity, joy, humor and energy to my days – I truly can’t imagine our life without him now! He is just plain happy-go-lucky, super silly and crazy smart. You guys, he’s so damn smart. And I totally feel like one of those people when I say it, because everyone thinks their baby is the smartest, whether they’re covered in fur or not, amIright?

Cattle Dog Mix

Seriously, though, this nugget knows some stuff. He’s got the basics, like sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, drop it, come, no, OK and surely others that I can’t think of right now.  He can walk off-leash without running off, he’s learned how to shake, is working on high-five and loves to roll over. I’m dying to teach him to skateboard, and I’m working on putting him to work picking up weeds and yard clippings, bringing me the hose, and wiping up spills. I’ve heard stories, so I swear that it’s a thing to teach your dogs this stuff!

This boy is usually one step ahead of me at all times. It’s totally like, “OK human, so you’re wearing your heels and just grabbed the remote? Better get to the kennel .” Or, “ Your tennis shoes are on and your heading to the front door? It’s party time at the dog park or around the neighborhood – sit just by the door, wiggle my booty and wait.” And about the dog park? Jones is such a little lover, walking up to every human and 4-legger alike, greeting or sniffing, playing with the big guys and letting the little guys hang all over him. He sure knows how to make a dog mom proud, let me tell you.

Cattle Dog Mix

Obviously, he’s not perfect. He’s super-active, he doesn’t take subtle hints on leaving anyone alone. Of course everyone wants to be his friend –they just don’t know it yet. I’ve watched dogs nearly bite his face off, and he goes back for more trying to make a playmate. He adores kids, regardless of whether they like him or not. He has never met a stranger, and can almost be guaranteed to demand belly rubs if you stop to pet him, or steal kisses if you get close enough. He’s a total lover.

Cattle Dog Mix

Jones loves “helping” me garden by eating all the weeds I pick (check him out helping, here). I am determined to teach him to actually be helpful and not just a source of entertainment/pain in the ass when I’m trying to get work done. He can’t pass up a beautiful patch of grass without rolling in it. It’s sort of a problem. Being outside is his bag. He is a heavy chewer and goes through bones like a kid burns through sugar (check it here). He loves to play by gnawing on your feet (herding dog and all) and plays hide-and-go seek like a pro. He is a tug master, and it’s probably pretty disappointing that we limit games of tug with him. He’s strong as hell, loves to run short distances and is just a little nut, I swear.

Jones Sleeping

remember this little nugget?

Jones is everything we wanted in a puppy. He doesn’t go crazy barking, doesn’t destroy anything, learns fast and loves everyone. He makes me incredibly happy and I’m so grateful I finally convinced Joe we needed a dog.  Since he’s a rescue pup, we don’t know when his actual birthday is.  We’ll acknowledge it yearly on the date we brought him home.    I’m pretty sure he’s a year now though, and so I’d just like to say…

Happy birthday, Jonesie.

Jones Tongue

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wandering eye wednesday: week eleven/2

Hey guys, remember me? I know, I know, I’m a total slacker.  If it weren’t for these weekly wandering eye wednesday posts I’m clinging to, I’d have probably totally lazied out of blogging the last few weeks.  I hope you can forgive me.  I’m trying to let it go, since I’m pretty hard on myself.  But I just couldn’t find the motivation to write, even though I have so much to write about bouncing around in my head like a ping pong ball! What IS that?!?

My trip to LA seemed to rejuvenate my ambition and my creativity, and then I went to work, and that is slowly sucking it right back out of me.  Before it’s too late, I’m going to try and catch whatever momentum that’s left by posting this shot from my iPhone during the recent trip.  I edited the exposure and adjusted the color slightly in Photoshop and here she is:

Private Home LA California

So what’s coming soon? I’m glad you asked! HA! A March garden post (because it’s like, THE time for gardening here), a few posts on LA since I took way too many photos, Jones is having a birthday very soon, a few essays are dying to get out of my head and some crafts, recipes and decorating posts are brewing (oh, hey, remember when I use to do those?!?).  Thanks for putting up with my silence lately, you guys are the best!


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wandering eye wednesday: week ten/2

So, hey there! I’m packing up, getting ready for a trip to LA, and I’m incredibly freaking excited/busy and I’ve been ridiculously lazy/unmotivated lately, which means it’s kind of a total cluster right now.  Don’t forget this, clean up that, shop, pack, busy things that my brain can’t focus on.  I almost forgot today was Wednesday, but I refuse to give up on this little weekly post, regardless of my … I don’t even know the word to describe it!

If you follow me on Instagram (you probably should, I mean, really now!), you’ve seen a different angle of this picture.  I’m not sure your level to detail, but this one has been changed up a bit and edited it in PicMonkey, so hopefully it’s not totally thrifted.

Wandering Eye Wednesday, Restoration Hardware Lanterns, Industrial Lighting, Elegant Rustic Birdcages

Admittedly, I didn’t have time to play with it in Photoshop as I’d intended.  But I did crop, sharpen and adjust the exposure all just slightly.  I applied a Sepia tone at 60% and stopped before I got carried away.  It was taken with my iPhone at Restoration Hardware in Scottsdale.  I love, love, LOVE these lanterns, the textures, the sparkle and the rustic married together like this.  I hope it’s not too busy for you! What do you think – love it? hate it? don’t care? HA!

Hope you guys are having a great week! If LA does the trick, you’ll catch a slew of inspired posts soon, so watch out!

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wandering eye wednesday: week nine/2

Yo, yo, yo! How you doin’? HA! I just got home from a special birthday dinner with my mentee, and Joe was out walking Jones.  They came home all smiles and full of energy, and I can’t help but be in a good mood with all THAT, you know.  Plus, spring.  It’s kinda my jam.  I am definitely a spring/fall kind of girl.  You can have the winter/summer, OK?

Here’s a close-up of a mesquite tree branch in bloom.  The flowers are so Dr. Suess-ish, and don’t listen to Joe, because they really DO smell so good.  Mixed with orange blossoms and warmth? I wish I could bottle up that scent.  It’s just an instant good mood.  Seriously! Anyway, here’s the picture:

Mesquite Tree Flowers Close-up Phoenix Arizona Spring

I’m still exploring Photoshop Elements, so I darkened the background and took out some of the color to make the subject pop.  I cropped it, too.  I played in PicMonkey for some other effects, but I liked the PS’ed version the best.  Can you believe this is an iPhone photo? Not like it’s the best picture ever or anything, but I’m amazed at the detail you can get with a phone camera!

Until next time!

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springtime in the desert

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I had such a lovely time! The weather was incredible.  Not to rub it in for those of you suffering through the winter still, I’m really sorry about that.  But I spent almost the entire weekend outside, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the blue skies and the blooming flowers and trees.  Today was especially awesome – Jones and I took a long walk through the wash by our house, coffee in hand and him off-leash sniffing everything he could get his nose on.  Do you have washes where you live? Here, they’re places in the desert where water would flow if there were enough of it to do so.  They are usually full of desert plant life and critters.  Right now, the desert is green from the winter rains, and it’s filled with the amazing smell of mesquite flowers, creosote bushes and nearby orange blossoms.

Desert Wash in Phoenix, Arizona Spring

Cattle Dog, Phoenix, Desert Path

Desert Wash Phoenix, Arizona, Mesquite Trees

Desert Wash Path Phoenix Arizona Springtime

Once we got back, we worked in the garden harvesting lettuce, peas and bell peppers.  I’ll do a proper garden post soon, but these caught my eye today:

Salad Planter Desert Container Gardening

Snap Pea Blossoms Desert Cinder Block Raised Bed Gardening

Snap Pea Plants Phoenix Cinder Block Raised Bed  Gardening

Don Juan Climbing Roses Lattice Training Phoenix

Jones has such a blast chasing the water from the hose, eating the weeds and following me around wherever I go.  Just having company outside sort of does it for him, I think 🙂 He got a bath today, and a nice, clean bed.  I spoiled him with a stuffed chew toy too, which he promptly destroyed in less than an hour.  Lucky dog.

It occurred to me that today couldn’t have been possible without running water.  I mean, watering the garden, washing the dog, cleaning the lettuce harvest, soaking the dog’s bed, getting my car washed, showering.  It made me grateful, and I couldn’t stop going back to it.  Do you do that? Or am I overly sentimental? I like being appreciative for my blessings though, so it’s kind of whatever…

I spent yesterday having a fun breakfast with that husband guy, catching up with a great friend over lunch before geeking out at Restoration Hardware (are they all as nice as the one here? Holy hell!) taking naps and crafting with my sister.  Honestly! It was like a couple pages out of my favorite book.  And this guy again:

Cattle Dog mix, Jones, Sleeping Puppy

I hope you enjoyed your day today, and that you found some beauty in it! Cheers to the weekend!

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wandering eye wednesday: week eight/2

Wandering Eye Wednesday Peacock Feather and Cloudy Skies

Welcome to Wednesday night, how’d the first half of your week go? I started out sick, and worked my way to well, so there’s that.

We took our niece to the Renaissance Festival over the weekend (probably only adding fuel to the virus that attacked me) and I gave her the point-and-shoot to take her own photos.  The camera, quite simply put, sucks.  It just does.  I’ve never liked it, since it has a tendency to take blurry pictures and drive me mad.  Because of that, there weren’t many of her shots that escaped deletion, but this one made the cut.

She bought a peacock feather for her sister, and then took pictures of it against different backdrops (which would have been a great series, had she the skill and better camera to accomplish it).  This is the only one that turned out.  I’m playing with Photoshop Elements to familiarize myself with it more, and so I adjusted the cloudy background, adding some color and then saturating the whole picture to bring out the magenta of the feather.  I sharpened the top of the feather, cropped it all and wondered about it.  Do I like it? Is it silly? I don’t know… but I keep looking at it, so it must be appealing, right?

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getting my hopes up

It’s a gloomy Sunday here.  Cloudy and grey and chilly.  But nice I guess, if you’re in the mood… How’s yours going?

So… OK.  This is what’s on my mind: I’ve never handled disappointment well. As a kid, I’d cry and cry if I had my hopes up for something and then it didn’t happen. I remember one particularly rough day, sitting in our playroom window all afternoon watching the driveway below as the sky turned from bright blue, to grey, navy and then, finally, pitch black. I was waiting for a family friend to come pick me up and take me out. I sat in that window all alone, telling myself over and over that if I just waited a few minutes longer, they’d pull up and whisk me away and I’d have the time of my life and just be patient, they were coming, they’d be here, any minute they’re going to turn the corner and any second I’d see the whites of their eyes. That’s what my dad use to say “Don’t count on so-and-so until you see the whites of their eyes.” Or another favorite “Don’t hold your breath.” At any rate, I distinctly remember sobbing my eyeballs out at the letdown that day, feeling so dejected and sad I could cry even now just remembering how it hurt my feelings so bad. Funny how those things stick with you, huh?

Hope Ren Fest February 2015

Anyway, I’m not good with being let down, even as an adult. If I have my heart set on something, work hard towards the end-goal, see something, envision it, live it and breathe it, I don’t let go of it easy. But that’s my thing, and probably not yours. Or maybe it is. If I had to guess though, you probably have your own thing. That one little thing that gets you right in the gut, right? I think it’s human to have something that just gets at you…

Hope Ren Fest February 2015

I was let down recently. It’s still tender. I have a dear, sweet friend who is having like, the biggest let down ever, and my heart is breaking for her, too. It just made me want to write and vent a little and say, maybe try to remember that everyone is dealing with something every single day. Some days are harder than others. And even when there’s a smile pasted on their face, their insides could be watching the skies turn to grey. Just saying…

Hope Ren Fest February 2015

I hope that whatever you’re dealing with today, that you catch your breath soon. Love and light, guys.

Hope Ren Fest February 2015

this beautiful girl is our niece, hope.  do you get it?

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wandering eye wednesday: week seven/2

Downtown Phoenix Hard Lines Soft Clouds

I’ve come to realization that I’m never going to get anything done around here.  But I did discover this photo in my files from last year taken during a girls night out downtown with two very lovely ladies.  I’d forgotten all about it until I saw the pictures!

I played with this one in PS Elements, sharpening the building, enhancing the cloud cover colors, and then touching up some random spots in the shot.  Once that was done, I transferred it over to PicMonkey to add the watermark and adjusted the exposure just slightly.  I find that for quick fixes, I prefer PicMonkey for exposure issues – probably since I’m still learning Photoshop.  I really like this photo.  What do you think?

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all the things i didn’t do

LOL! I know that’s not the ideal way to start this, but seriously, the dog just let out an incredible sigh as I was getting ready to write this post.  He just spent hours with his fur-cousin and is straight-up exhausted. Like, can’t even lift his head tired.   And honestly, life is kinda just that way right now.  I had to put off one of my sisters on doing something until the middle of March – the middle of freaking MARCH – because life is just so – “sigh.” I need to learn to say “NO,” or maybe I don’t… I can’t decide.  Because saying “YES” gets me moments like these:

Roadrunner Park Feeding Ducks Phoenix ArizonaI spent the night with these little rascals, the day with Mr. Jones, and the afternoon with  family, and I have to say.. I didn’t get the new website any more designed, the side yard any more cleaned up, the studio any closer to done.  But I sure did enjoy my time. And the truth is, regardless of how chaotic my schedule, making space for family brings me joy.

I’m pretty hard on myself.  I worry about what needs to be done, what wasn’t done, what could have been done.  But I think that I need to consider what WAS done.  Like, I cleaned the main living areas, I had a slumber party with two really cool four-year-old’s, I hung out with my family, I did a crap-ton of laundry.  I accomplished stuff, dang it.  And even though my car isn’t washed, the dog stinks, and our bathroom is definitely not guest-friendly, I lived.  Happily.  And dammit, you should too.  Because seriously.  Where did the agenda come from? Live your life, enjoy the moments and for the love of your God, stop comparing yourself to anyone else’s experience.

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